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How to Get Rid of Bunions on the Pinky Toe

Today I will discuss interesting facts about bunions and home remedies to get rid of bunions on the pinky toe. Before it, let’s understand what is bunion? The word “bunion” derived from the Greek word turnip.

This is a type of bony bump which grows outside of the foot characterized by the inflammation which gets swollen, just like a turnip that’s why it is named bunions.

What is the cause of bunion on the pinky toe?

The bunion is known to be caused by big toes joint of the base which gets stuck and enlarged might be due to the wearing of tight shoes. If you have a problem of the bunion and still wearing tight shoes can increase inflammation and intense pain.

Both men and women can suffer from bunions but females are more prone to it as they wear constricted shoes and high heels which restrict the blow flow and after a point of time it pulls the big toe joint out of place and causes swelling of joint.

How to get rid of bunions on the pinky toe?

How to Get Rid of Bunions on the Pinky Toe

Here I have listed some effective home remedies which are easy to try and get rid of bunions on the pinky toe. Let’s discuss briefly and seek the benefit of any remedies if suffering from problems.

1. Wear Wider Shoes

If you have bunion then wearing wider shoes can be of great help. Comfortable shoes provide relief from inflammation, so try to wear well-ventilated shoes for proper circulation of blood.

Wider shoes also not exert pressure on the  toe and enables you in convenient walking, standing etc. If the pain is getting aggravated seek help of doctors.

2. Use Pads or Shoe Inserts to Correct Your Foot’s Position

If suffering from bunions use to wear shoe inserts or “bunion pads” helps the correct position of toes helps in preventing inflammation. You can find bunion pads at the pharmacy.

3. Stretch the Feet

If you are finding difficulty in standing on your toes and experiencing stiffness, starts to stretching and moving the toes. You can stretch your toe by wrapping with a towel for 5- 10 minutes to get relief.

4. Fix Your Form When Exercising

When bunion pain gets intense restrict the activities such as running, standing for a longer period which develops the pain, causes swelling, burning pain according to the American College of Foot & Ankle Surgeons.

If you have started a new pattern of exercise then drop the ideas it can aggravate the pain or enhance the swelling.

5. Ice Therapy

Ice can be rubbed on the inflamed toe for relief.Over a period of time bunions get swelled and cause intense pain when standing for a long time on affected toe.

For quick recovery of toe, ice therapy is the top choice to prevent inflammation. The low temperature of ice numbs the nerve endings and decreases inflammation.

  • Take ½ cup crushed ice in a thin towel and place over the inflamed area i.e. bunions for 5-10 min
  • Take a gap of 10 min and repeat the procedure.
  • When ever you’re feeling the intense pain you can apply.

6. Massage with essential oils

This is the therapeutic way to increase the blood flow on inflamed area and to get relief from intense pain and feeling.

Regular massage with essential oils can reduce the size of bunions and calluses i.e. fungal infection and hard skin which can be further caused if bunions not treated on time.

  • Take 2 tablespoons of lavender/coconut/olive /castor and warm it in the palm of your hands.
  • Rub the inflamed i.e. bunions and massage deeply with your fingers for 15- 20 minutes with a gap of 5 minutes. Repeat it every night for relief.

7. Turmeric

It has an active compound called curcumin has the amazing property of blocking pain and inflammation. So, if you are suffering from the intense pain of bunions use this antiseptic kitchen spice for reducing pain.

  • Take 1 teaspoon of curcumin and 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil, make a thick paste and apply to the bunion.
  • After 20 minutes rinse the paste and wipe it with the towel.
  • Apply twice a day for better effect.

8. Chamomile

Chamomile is known for anti-inflammatory properties reduce inflammation and has the soothing effect on painful areas also control the growth of bunion.

  • Take 3 chamomile flowers and boil a cup of water.
  • Add chamomile flowers in it and simmer for 5 minutes.
  • Remove from flame and cool it for few minutes
  • Soak the towel in infusion and apply on the affected area twice a day.

9. Iodine and aspirin

You would be surprised to know that a mixture of iodine and aspirin can reduce the inflammation. Yes, it can control the abnormal growth of bunions.

  • Continuous use of this mixture can remove excess dead skin, reduces irritation, and prevents calluses formation.
  • Take 3 aspirin tablets and with the help of a mortar and pestle crush it, mix with 1 tablespoon of iodine.
  • Make a thick paste of it and apply on the bunions, wrap it with a bandage and keep it for few hours. Repeat it twice a day for best results.

10. Physiotherapist

Bunions result in intense pain and inflammation which if not treated on time can cause severity.

In such case, you can take help of the physiotherapist as treatment helps in reduction of inflammation.


Bunions are the outgrowth caused outside of foot results in intense pain and inflammation but some home remedies can relief. Shoes of proper size should be worn which is well-ventilated.

If you are obese then try to manage weight as it can worsen the condition.

Some home remedies like Ice therapy, Oil massage can be of great help. Curcumin or aspirin application can prevent the abnormal growth of bunions and provide relief from pain.

You can also use chamomile for the reduction of swelling and pain as it acts as anti-inflammatory agents have the soothing effect on bunions.

Dear readers, if you have also some effective home remedies for bunions then please share with us to reduce and prevent the problems. Feel free to ask any queries and let us know your suggestion and feedback for improvement.

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