12 Cancer Warning Signs People Ignore!

Cancer is a disease involving the abnormal growth of cells, dividing uncontrollably, and destroy the body tissues with the potential of spreading its reach across other parts as well.

Possible signs and symptoms include unhealthy weight loss, fatigue, the appearance of a lump, abnormal bleeding prolonged cough and a change in bowel movements. While these symptoms may indicate towards Cancer, there can be other factors that act as a breeding ground for the disease.

Certain forms of Cancer result in visible growth of tumors while some may not. Example – leukemia

Although there are many tests to presumptively diagnose cancer, the definite diagnosis is done by examination of a biopsy sample of the suspected cancer tissue.

Cancer is the most curable when detected in the early stages. Cancer has no particular symptoms whatsoever so it’s important for people to go for a cancer screening in order to avoid any casualty.

Here are few of the symptoms people tend to ignore that might lead to Cancer:

1. Persistent coughing and blood tinged saliva


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These symptoms are usually a sign of moderate infections such as bronchitis or sinusitis.

These could also be signs of cancer in lung, head or neck. If you are coughing since more than a month or you see blood in the phlegm that is coughed out then see a doctor immediately.

2.A significant change in bowel movement


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Cancer causes continuous diarrhea. Some people with cancer go through their regular cycles of bowel movement and still feel like going to the toilet again. If these symptoms persist then go to a doctor immediately.

3.Blood in the Urine.


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Hematuria also known as blood in the Urine, is caused by a kidney stone, urinary infection etc. For some people, it may be a sign of Cancer in the kidney or the bladder. In case of any such episode, consult a doctor immediately.



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Hoarseness not caused by a respiratory infection should be looked into immediately as it might be the first sign of throat cancer.

5.Persistent lumps of swollen glands


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Lumps may represent cancer or swollen lymph glad related to Cancer.

A lump that remains swollen for more than a week must be evaluated under medical conditions.

6.Indigestion or difficulty in swallowing

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Difficulty in swallowing might be an early sign of esophagus cancer. People that go through long lasting heartburns due to indigestion must go to a doctor immediately for a GI endoscopy to have the condition looked after.

7.Unusual vaginal bleeding


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Unusual bleeding or discharge may lead to Cancer of the uterus. Usually, the evaluation will include an endometrial biopsy.

8.Unexpected weight loss, sweats, and fever


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These might lead to various types of cancer. These are also signs of tuberculosis.

9.Continued itching in the vaginal or anal area


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Precancerous or cancerous conditions of the skin may lead to persistent itching on the skin surrounding the genital area. If the condition persists for a long period of time consult a doctor.

10.Non-healing sores


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Sores generally heal very quickly and if they don’t then they might cause cancer. For example sores in the mouth may lead to oral cancer. Get an evaluation done by a doctor at the earliest.



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A severe unrelenting headache that feels different from the usual headaches might indicate the condition of cancer. If it lasts for a long time consult the doctor.

12.Change in the way a mole looks


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Skin cancer melanoma can happen at any age and often appears first in the form of unusual moles. See a doctor if you spot a new mole or notice a mole changing its color.

If you find any of these signs in your body or any member of your family, then contact your doctor immediately. Early identification of cancer can help you get the treatment effectively without creating a huge impact on your body.


12 Cancer Warning Signs People Ignore

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