Colgate And Vaseline To Get Rid of Dark Spots on Skin

Colgate And Vaseline To Get Rid of Dark Spots on Skin

Your skin is the finest clothing you can ever wear. When it comes to representing your physicality, skin plays a very critical role. Every skin color and every skin type are beautiful and unique in different ways.

Skin is not only about defining your physical appearance; it is a vital sheath that protects your body from dozens of harmful external stimuli. Factors like prolonged exposure to certain external stimuli, hormonal imbalances, adolescence, puberty, particular health conditions, medicinal usages, etc.

can cause various skin problems. And dark skin spots are one of the most common of them.

In this article, we are talking about a very effective combination that can help you to eradicate the abnormal darkness of the skin. The best thing about this combination is, it is safe for almost all types of skin, and is very easy to prepare.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are talking about the combination of two of the most common products you can find in almost every Indian home- Colgate and Vaseline!

You must be familiar with both of these products, as both are part of our life for so many years now. Let’s find out why these two products are used to prepare the dark spots remedy.

Colgate And Vaseline To Get Rid of Dark Spots on Skin

Why Use Colgate and Vaseline for Dark Spots:


You might be surprised by the skin benefits of Colgate, as its primary action is on your teeth and it gets rid of most of the dental problems. But according to recent studies, Colgate can be effective in the case of dark spots and pimples, especially if they’re caused by the heat. Ingredients of Colgate including calcium carbonate and zinc can work positively on your skin.


Who doesn’t know about this magical petroleum jelly? It seems we all grown up using Vaseline for different skin problems. It can singlehandedly combat dozens of skin problems.

  • Vaseline can quickly heal scrapes and burns (two of the major causes of skin darkness.
  • It keeps your skin moisturized and avoid darkness due to skin dryness.
  • Vaseline avoids skin rashes that sometimes convert into dark spots.
  • It prevents harmful skin strains from hair dye or nail polish.

There are plenty of other benefits that make Vaseline standout among a lot of beauty products. Let’s find out how to use the combination to remove dark spots.

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How to use Vaseline and Colgate to Remove Dark Spots:

What Do You need?

Simple, easily available Vaseline petroleum jelly and Colgate

  • Use simple white Colgate toothpaste, instead of flavored or gel-based varieties.
Here is how to use:
  • Take a little amount of toothpaste in a bowl.
  • Now, add an equal amount of Vaseline.
  • Mix both the ingredients properly until they’re combined perfectly.
  • Now, apply the combination on the dark spots and spread it around.
  • Keep it on for five minutes and then wash off with plain water.

The trick is going to be very effective for dark spots. It can even help you to remove the blackheads from the skin.

Colgate can cause allergy to some people. Don’t forget to do the allergy test before using it.

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