What are Eggshell Nails?

Your nails are windows for your health.


While your health isn’t completely determined by nail health, brittle, breaks and eggshell nails definitely related to your inner health.

Nails escalate your overall beauty. So, you must pamper them like skin and hair. After all, these three are made of same protein called keratin.

In eggshell nails or hapalonychia condition, fingernail or toenail becomes thin, bend and break. Nail color turns white and curve at the nail edge.

What Causes Eggshell Nails?

Nail matrix is responsible to produce the nail plate. Size, thickness and length of nail plate are determined by nail matrix. Kertain is the protein which is used to make nail plate.

Nail bed on which nail plate is rest is made of dermis and epidermis layers. Epidermis layer is underneath nail plate and dermis layer is attached to bone. Internally, epidermis layer is attached to dermis by tiny rails and grooves that allows nail plate to move forward as it grows.

So, all this functioning works fine when you supple nutritious diet. Malnutrition affects matrix and as a result nail plate is formed. They become weak and easily break when suffer minor trauma.

According to experts eggshell nails can be genetic discrepancy and may also caused by low nutrients in diet. Other causes are medication, stress, ailments, nervous disorder and malnutrition.

How to Treat Eggshell Nails?


This nail disorder can be treated effectively by ingesting proper diet. Vitamin A intake will improve your nails and make them strong.

Here are list of foods that can improve your nail growth.

  • Eggs
  • Salmon
  • Coconut oil
  • Spirulina
  • Chicken
  • Hemp seeds
  • Spinach
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Avocados
  • Brazil nuts

Fruits or vegetables with vitamin C, E, A, B complex, zinc and selenium will benefit your nails.

When your body loses these essential vitamins, you may experience dark spots, dry cuticles, brittle nails, vertical or horizontal ridges and uneven nail plate.

Apart from having vitamin rich diet, you must trim your nails, avoid medication that may cause eggshell nails and drink enough water.

  • Trim your nails to avoid breakage.
  • If you’ve eggshell nails or thin nail plate, then caution manicurist about it and avoid pressure on nails.
  • Apply moisturizer around nail plate and over cuticles to avoid dry cuticles.
  • Wear rubber gloves while doing household works, because excess exposure to water will make your nails weak.
  • Avoid chemical filled nail polish and soaps that irritate the skin around nail plate.

Consult physician for proper medication and diet. Eggshell nails may affect your social life and lead to isolation.


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