This is what Your Fingernails Are Warning you About: Organ failure, Inflammation, or Worse?

In this article we will learn about how the finger nails are warning about several diseases on health.

First thing is to keep a look on our nails and scrutinize each of them. Carefully check whether the nails are affected with curve, dip, ridge, and groove.

Check out your nails whether they are thin or thick and also check whether they are broken or chipped. Check the colour of the nail and make a note of the colour surrounding on it and skin underneath also.

If you want to know more about this sign’s let’s see what they are;

8 Fingernails Warning Sign’s

1 Discolored Nail

Discolored Nail

A finger nail should consist of pink colour with white moons near base. In case if your nails are affected with another colour, it says that you have a hidden health issue.

  • Indication of green nails shows that bacterial infection.
  • Dull nails indication shows that there is vitamin deficiency.
  • Indication of bluish nails shows the sign of low oxygen level in blood.
  • White nails indicate the liver disease like hepatitis.
  • Indication of red streaks in the nail bed shows heart valve infection.

2 Thick Nails

Thick Nail

These nails are not natural, most of the people want to have their nails strong, but if they resembles claws, talons and more than other nails.

  • Thicken nails typically indicates the lung disease.
  • Thick and rough nails can also point to fungal diseases.
  • Thick and separated nails also indicate the thyroid disease.
  • Indication of unusually thick nails may also leads to circulation problem.

3 Split Nails

Split Nails

One of the most common issues is that nails flakes away in layer. This problem is creating from using of nail polish and leads to side effects.

  • These spilt nails may also be caused by chronic malnutrition.
  • Split and flaky nails are indicating that your body lacks folic acid, vitamin C, and proteins.

4 Concave (Spoon) Nails

Concave - Spoon Nails

These concave nails are commonly in curved up, bent up, plunge shape they indicates a wide range of interior issues such as

  • Heart problems.
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Lack of iron.

5 Pitted Nail

Pitted Nail

Pitted nail is generally characterised by depression in surface of the nail.

If you have small dips on your nails, it means you have injured from health diseases. Let’s see what they are;

  • Lack of zinc
  • Connective tissue disorder
  • Psoriasis

 6 Ridges


If your nails are enough strong and healthy they should be smooth and invisible lines across them. If you notice any ridge lines on your nails they may be dealing with;

  • Lupus
  • Iron deficiency
  • Inflammatory arthritis

7 Dry, Brittle Nail

Dry, Brittle Nail

If you have any dry and brittle nails, this indicates that you are suffering from bacterial infection, or else leading with hormone imbalance.

  • Thyroid disease may also cause due to brittle nails.
  • Some diseases are also associated with changes in nails, which can include brittleness.

8 Clubbed Nail

Clubbed Nail

In these clubbed nails they are affected with puffed around the finger. The skin around the nail is swollen, these clubbed nails are warning sing’s of;

  • Lung diseases
  • AIDS
  • Liver problems
  • Inflammatory bowel diseases

This is what Your Fingernails Are Warning you


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