Science Explains What Foods To Eat, According To Your Blood Type

According to various researches, blood type diets can actually show positive results for more than just its specific blood type group. These diets all contain universally acknowledged healthy habits. Due to calorie restrictions, these diets can also facilitate weight loss. Let’s take a look at various foods suitable for every blood group.

1.O Blood Type Diet


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The O blood type makes up 46% of the population. It consists of both anti-A and anti-B antibodies but does not have any A or B antigens. Those who are of this blood group have the ability to digest animal fats very easily and animal proteins.

The type of diet specific to those with O-positive and O-negative blood might be likened to a low-carb diet as it must focus on consuming a good amount of protein. So what foods to eat? Here’s a list of options.

  • Meats

Lean meat, poultry, and fish are some of the good options. Lean meats and seafood are truly the best options if you are aiming to lose weight with this diet.

  • Fruits and Vegetables

Those with type O blood can enjoy nearly all fruits and vegetables.

  • Nuts and beans

Nuts are a great source of positive fat and have lots of protein. Beans are also a good choice since they are packed with fiber.

  •  Dairy

Dairy is not the best choice if you are a blood O type. However, you can have fun with cheeses, butter, and soy milk.

  • Grains

Those with blood type O should not eat many grains. However, grains such as buckwheat, rye, barley, kasha, amaranth, and millet are safe options for consumption.

  •  Drinks

Of course, water is always the right choice to make, but club soda, seltzer water, wine, and tea are safe as well.

  •  Sweets

Chocolate and cocoa are acceptable.

  •  Add-ins

Seasonings such as iodized salt, curry, and parsley are all safe for consumption. Honey is also a good additive to most foods and drinks.

2.A Blood Type Diet


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This diet is recommended to be followed alongside aerobic exercise, A Blood Type Diet A blood type consists of A antigens and anti-B antibodies. Lower stomach acid levels are found in Those with blood type A, meaning they are not able to digest animal proteins. Their immune system is sensitive as well.

Whether A positive or A negative, here are the foods you can go for.
  •  Fruits and Vegetables

Those with type A blood can enjoy most of the fruits and vegetables.

  •  Grain and Bread Products

Most grains are safe to consume if you have a type A blood, but the best and the safest options are amaranth and buckwheat. Other options include a variety of flours, a variety of wheat, artichoke pasta, and soba noodles.

  •  Nuts and beans

Nut and beans are good for those with type A blood because they are packed with fiber, positive fat and protein.

  • Dairy

Most of the dairy products are out from the list of choices due to the sensitive immune system. However, varieties such as Kefir, most cheeses, yogurt, and goat milk won’t do much harm and are okay to consume.

  •  Animal Protein

Animal Protein is a BIG no-no but those who do not want to go vegetarian can include chicken and turkey in their diets.

  •  Drinks

Green tea, coffee, red wine, herbal beverages such as those made from ginger, aloe, slippery elm, hawthorn, all of these are fine choices.

3.B Blood Type Diet


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The B blood type includes B antigens and anti-A antibodies. People with this blood type have it the easiest and can eat different kinds of foods. Here’s a good list of options for what to eat.

  •  Meats

Meat such as rabbit meat, lamb, venison, and mutton are safe for consumption. Fish is also considered to be a good choice if you opt for white fish like cod, sole, salmon, and halibut. Keep your hands off poultry and stick to lean cuts of meats.

  • Dairy and Eggs

Low-fat dairy options are a good choice for those with B type blood. Eggs can also be considered.

  •  Fruits and Vegetables

Most fruits and vegetables are safe for consumption. Including more and more green veggies would enrich your diet with nutrients and also it is the best kind of food a type B blood individual could consume.

  •  Grains and Cereals

Must be consumed in moderation. Oat, spelled, and millet is great choices.

  •  Seeds and Nuts

These foods great sources of protein and walnuts are you safe haven!

  •  Legumes

Highly rich in protein and low in fat. Contains lots of fiber and minerals.  Peas, lentils, and all sorts of beans are fine choices.

  •  Drinks

Stick to water for best results. Avoid the consumption of beverages.

4.AB Blood Type Diet


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The AB blood type is the rarest blood group to find. People with this particular blood type may have both A and B antigens, but no anti-A or anti-B antibodies making them a universal recipient.

Here’s a good list of options for what to eat.

  •  Meats

Meats lie in the no danger area. Turkey, mutton, rabbit, lamb, and white fish are good choices but try going for lean cuts.

  • Dairy

Cheeses, yogurt, sour cream, kefir, and goat milk are good to consume, but try to go for low-fat dairy products.

  •  Grains

Oatmeal, brans (rice and oat), spelled, rye, millet, rice, and rice flour are some of the wisest choices.

  •  Fruits and Vegetables

Those with type AB blood can enjoy most of the fruits and vegetables – leafy greens especially!

  •  Drinks

Green tea, beer, and wine work in moderation.

Of course, water is your savior.F



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