20 Reasons Why You Should Eat an Entire Avocado Every Day

Is Avocado Good for You?

Avocado is also known as alligator pear or butter fruit. Avocado is one of the fruit that provides a substantial amount of healthy monounsaturated fatty acids. It is a natural nutrient dense food & contains nearly 20 vitamins & minerals.

Avocado Consists Of:

  • 160 calories.
  • 2 grams of proteins.
  • 15 grams of healthy fats.
  • 9 grams of carbs.

Avocado does not contain any cholesterol or sodium & are low in saturated fats.

The Following are the 20 Reasons Why You Should Eat an Entire Avocado Every Day

1 Avocados are Nutrient Rich

Mostly avocados are rich in source of nutrients & nearly 20 vitamins & minerals are recommended for every day to your health. 1 avocado contains ;

  • 53% of vitamin K
  • 41% of folate
  • 33% of vitamin C
  • 28% of potassium.
  • 26% of vitamin B6
  • 21% vitamin E
  • 19% of copper

2 A Source of Healthy Fats

Fat content in avocado is high, they contains healthy fats including monounsaturated fat. These types of fats can reduce the risk of strokes or heart attack and also levels the bad cholesterol in blood.

3 Manage your Weight

Eating avocado can helps you to loose your weight. Eating half avocado in lunch, helps the overweight people to feel satisfied with their food.

4 Prevent Diabetes

Mostly avocado helps in regulating the sugar levels, blood sugar levels should be stable in reducing your risk of diabetes. After eating half avocado in lunch time people had their blood glucose & insulin levels measured at specific intervals.

Adding avocado to meal increase the calories & carbohydrates content. Patient showed that no increase in blood sugar level, when compared to those who had a lunch without avocado.

5 Fight Inflammation

Chronic inflammation in the body is responsible for asthma, allergies, arthritis, heart diseases; cancer. Avocado is helpful in fighting against inflammation which in turn helps in fighting these diseases.

6 Eye Health

Avocado is the best source of lutein among the top 20 fruits most regularly consumed. They are also a good source of zeaxanthin  which is good for your eyes,so make a habit of eating it  for better health of body as well as eyes.

7 Healthy Skin & Hair

Avocado consists of healthy fats & inflammation fighting properties that can give you smooth skin & glossy hair. Only 1 fruit consist oft 20 % of daily dose in vitamin E. It protect body tissues from damage by free radicals.

Instead of buying expensive vitamin E products, eat avocado or try avocado oil.

8 Lower Cholesterol Level

There are many ways to lower the cholesterol levels. Eating avocado daily can treat the lower cholesterol level. Avocado can reduce total cholesterol levels in your body.

9 Improve Nutrient Absorption

Vitamins, minerals and other nutrients does not depend on how much we eat. Some nutrients are fat soluble. Adding half an avocado to a salad of spinach absorbs the antioxidants alpha carotenes 8.3 times & lutein 4.3 times better than those who ate the salad without avocado.

10 Role in Cancer Fighting

20 Reasons Why You Should Eat an Entire Avocado Every Day

Only a small piece of avocado helps in fighting cancer. Avocado has the capacity to stop or grow of prostate cancer cells. Avocado can help to reduce the side effects of the chemotherapy.

11 Strong Bones

Eating an avocado daily  helps in making your bones strong, apart from this it also has healthy nutrients including vitamin K, copper & folate. Mix avocado with many other fruits and vegetables for best bones. Eating fresh products can also have more benefits to produce healthy bones in both men & women.

12 Pain Relief

Avocado can reduce the symptoms of arthritis of the bones. Thanks to its anti inflammatory benefits, it may also relieve the related pains too.

13 Improve Digestion

For a proper balanced diet fiber is an important component, it keeps your digestive system running smooth.

Mostly fruits and vegetables are also loaded with fiber. Only 1 fruit contains 13 grams of fiber around 54% of fiber daily intake. By eating avocado you can improve your digestion.

14 Important for Expecting Mothers

Avocado is loaded with folate, potassium, vitamin C, and vitamin B6. So, avocado is one of the important foods for pregnant women. Folate is important for expectant mums; it is essential for healthy development for the fetus in early pregnancy. Vitamin B6 helps the baby’s tissues and brain growth.

15 Control Blood Pressure

A natural diet in potassium is important for controlling blood pressure. Potassium also has the ability to reduce the effect of sodium in the body. Avocado is natural source of potassium. If you are adding avocado to your diet it will reduce your fat intake in other area to balance things out.

16 An Energy Boost

Adding avocado to your meals may also help you to avoid slump! If you are taking with carbohydrates, they slow the digestion of the carbs.

17 Improve Immunity

Avocado is an important source of vitamin B, they helps to fight against the illness and infection. Also gives you a lot of vitamin B & ,. high blood levels of vitamin C may be the ideal nutrient maker for overall health.

18 Enhance your Mood

Eating avocado a day might cheer you up. Mostly it contains vitamins and potassium; they make men & women to enhance their mood.

19 Brain Food

Avocado has been classified as brain food. They contain 20% of your daily copper needs. Having an avocado daily can help to build up your brain strength.

20 Delicious & Versatile

As discussed earlier Avocado has many healthy benefits. Don’t forget that it is an incredibly delicious fruit. You can eat it in guacamole, or add it to salad & sandwiches.