One Remedy That Will Give Full Stop To Your Snoring And Sleep Apnea

Snoring is that annoying condition that disturbs not only your sleep but the one sleeping next to you as well. Snoring can effect anyone but it is more common in men, particularly those who are over weight.

About 75% of people effected with snoring are also effected with sleep apnea, which means they tend to stop breathing for short time during their sleep. Though snoring is not a serious condition but sleep apnea is, as it can lead to heart diseases.

Why Do You Snore?

People tend to snore when the flow of air is obstructed in mouth as well as in nose. There are several factors responsible for this obstruction, they are discussed below.

1. Obstructed Nasal Airways

Some people have obstructed nasal airways and this may happen during allergy season or due to sinus. Difficulty in breathing occurs when the bone and cartilage that divide nasal cavity becomes crooked or significantly off centered. This may further lead to snoring.

2. Larger Throat Tissues

Being obese or over weight can make your throat tissues bulkier. Some people who have large tonsils often snore and this may include children as well.

3. Muscle Relaxation

Sometimes the muscles of the throat and tongue relax and block the air ways, which makes the breathing difficult. The reason for this can be aging, alcohol consumption, intake of sleeping pills.

Remedy To stop Snoring And Sleep Apnea

Below is the remedy for making mucus clearing juice that clears sinus and respiratory track and makes breathing easy.


  • 2 Apples
  • 2 Carrots
  • 1 Piece of ginger
  • Half lemon juice

How To Make: Cut the ingredients into small pieces, remove the seeds of apple and peel of ginger. Now blend this in a juicer and drink this juice 2-3 hours before sleeping. You can add honey if you feel the taste strong.

Apple can clear the congestion as it contains citric acid. It can be consumed daily for clearing the mucus from the air passage.

Lemon also contains citric acid and this acid helps to drain the sinus and makes your breathing easy.

Carrot is rich in vitamin A that can help to prevent all respiratory infections at bay. It can even be helpful in clearing the sinus.

Ginger has got anti inflammatory and antibiotic properties that helps to ease the congestion during cold and flu.

One Remedy That Will Give Full Stop To Your Snoring And Sleep Apnea