Why Are My Fingernails Blue – Cyanosis?

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Nails are like windows for your health. Blue, brittle, discoloration and dark lines on fingernails show that your body is facing some deficiency or ailments.

Pink nails are a sign of healthy and well hydrated nails. As most we know that pink color is the reflection of blood flow, similarly fingernails with blue color indicate lack of oxygen in the blood. Apart from being associated with serious health disorder, blue fingernails can embarrass.

Red blood cells in your body supply oxygen to tissues, because of which the cells are bright red and your skin appears pinkish. But, low oxygen in blood tissues results in bluish color also known as cyanosis. Experts say that it mostly happens due to climate change, which makes it difficult for blood to circulate.

In winter rubbing hands and body may help to improve circulation, but if the problem persists you must consult the doctor. According to Dr. Weil there are various factors that cause bluish or purple fingernails. Low hemoglobin may also one of the reasons for your blue fingernails.

Your skin color is the combination of melanin and blood color. Due to low oxygen blood turn blue-red. Further Dr. Weil states that cyanosis can be sign of heart problem, asthma, lung problem, breathing difficultly, bronchitis and other respiratory related issues. Other ailments related with this nail disorder are listed here.

If you’ve blue fingernails, then I recommend you to check with doctor to identify the mere cause of this change.

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