9 Symptoms Of Diabetic Neuropathy That Might Surprise You

Diabetic neuropathy is a type of nerve damage often experience by people with diabetes. This is not a single disorder but an umbrella term for any type of nerve damage caused by diabetes.

And you might surprised that, this condition is capable of affecting more than nerves such as muscles, joints and even sexual function can affected by the nerve damage caused by diabetes.

Unfortunately, there is no complete cure for this condition and gets severe and fatal if left untreated. So, the only thing you can do to get rid of this condition by understanding the condition can delay the complications.

Additionally, understanding the symptoms of this condition might help you to recognize it in the initial stage and you can easily seek help before the things gets worse.

Let’s start to know about the symptoms in this article that may surprise you!

Symptoms Of Diabetic Neuropathy

1. Numbness And Tingling


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Numbness and tingling sensation is one of the most common symptom associated with diabetic neuropathy. Typically the feet and legs are the first thing to be affected with numbness, later it spreads to hands and legs.

This happens because of extremities are susceptible to nerve damage that is uncontrolled by blood glucose levels.

People with peripheral neuropathy find this difficulty feeling or they just experience tingling sensation in the affected area. This can also caused by diminished sensitivity to temperature.

2. Pain


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People with diabetic neuropathy often experience pain in some areas such as feet, legs, hands and arms due to incorrect communication of nerves to pain centers. People who experience neuropathy often describe it as burning sensation, freezing or sharp. While some people consider the pain as an electric jolt.

Neuropathy also affects muscles and causes pain in joints, muscles and leads to cramping as damage to the nerve intensifies.

3. Digestive And Bladder Problems


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Neuropathy also affects the nerves that control the body functions such as heart rate, temperature and even digestive system. This condition leads the people to suffer from constipation, diarrhea and gastroperasis.

Gastroperasis is accompanied with bloating, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, heart burn and loss of appetite.

This condition often leads to increase of urinary tract infections too.

4. Weakness In Muscles

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Muscles become weak when the motor nerves in the body are damaged. This makes it difficult for the sufferer to perform very simple activities such as lifting their arms in specific motion or little weights.

This condition gets worsens and make the individual difficult in standing, lifting little weights, raising their arms and in severe cases it leads to paralysis in certain areas.

5. Difficulty In Regulating Body Temperature

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This happens due to damaging of autonomous nerves in the body as they are responsible for regulating temperature.

People with this condition often find themselves frequently completely cold or extremely hot. This also results in sweating too much or either not able to being sweat sometimes.

6. Balance Issues

This is very common symptoms shown by your body if you have peripheral neuropathy. Because neuropathy in the feet is generally accompanied by numbness and that affects the balance and co ordination of the body.

7. Foot Problems


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As mentioned above, people with neuropathy often experience numbness in their foot and in severe cases it even leads to change in the way they walk, oftentimes lead them to walk abnormally.

In severe cases, this condition even changes the shape of their foot and makes it difficult to find the right shoes to fit in properly. Ill fitting shoes will increase the risk of sores, ulcers and finally result in causing infections on the affected area.

8. Low Blood Sugar Levels


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People with nerve damage have very low blood sugar levels and the body releases epinephrine asusual. But, if the body doesn’t receive the sudden output of epinephrine then it fails to respond with symptoms an individual is experiencing low blood sugar levels.

9. Sexual Dysfunction

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The damage of erectile nerve results in causing sexual dysfunction in males those are affected with diabetes for more than 10 years. This happens because damage to the vascular system of this nerve can impair blood flow to genitals and make it difficult to maintain erectile.

Even neurovascular damage will decrease the blood flow and sensation and makes it difficult to have an organism.

In females, less amount of blood flow towards vagina results in posing an obstacle to lubrication. This will cause damage during intercourse and make it difficult for women to have organism.

The best way to prevent neuropathy is just by maintaining healthy levels of blood sugar levels in the body. Make sure to consult your doctor and he will help you to improve the numbers behind the stratergies.

9 Symptoms of Diabetic Neuropathy That Might Surprise You

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