Can Hot Bath Burn Calories As 30- Minute Walk?

Most of us do not likes to go for a walk and do exercise for 30-40 minutes in the evening after struggling with work in the office and especially after a very tiring long day. We just want to have some relaxed time at home and would love to watch t.v or do any of our favorite thing.

But being in the same activity everyday might results in gaining weight easily. It is not totally about weight gain but it also results in some health issues as well.

Then, how to burn calories without hitting gym every day? Well, you don’t need to struggle everyday by lifting heavy weights and even no need to walk for long hours to burn calories, as we do have many other effective ways along with exercise.

One such thing is taking hour long hot bath can burn calories as 30 minute walk in your life which is scientifically proven.

Burning Calories By Taking Hot Bath

According to a study in 2016 conducted on 14 men who were sent out on a bicycle ride for an hour and then also given one hour soak in 104 F water.

The research have found that the bicycle ride predicted to burn more calories and the hot bath also managed to burn a whopping of 130 calories same like 30 minutes walk. Researchers believe that it was rise in the core temperature which causes calories to burn off easily.

However, exercise is the most effective way to keep our body in perfect shape. But for the people who can’t do exercise regularly because of muscle pain, stress and other health issues, they can easily opt for this hot bath regularly to burn extra calories.

Let’s see some of health benefits by taking hot bath regularly.

 Health Benefits Of Hot Bath

Hot bath not only helps you to burn extra calories from your body, it also helps in numerous ways. Some of them include:

Reduces Heart Problems


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According to a recent study the people who suffer with cardiovascular problems have been suggested to take regular warm baths to get relief from them. Hot bath have incredible benefits and reduce the risk of cardiac arrest and untimely death.

Reduces High Blood Sugar Levels



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Taking hour long hot bath after meals can significantly reduce spikes and help in regulating the glucose levels. However, results will not lasts long the entire day but they manage to prevent glucose and insulin spikes after eating.

Apart from these benefits, some other benefits include.

  • Improves sleep
  • Improves the blood circulation in your body
  • Open the pores of skin and loose skin
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Relives coughs and infections
  • Reduces stress

According to a study, it has been reveled that 30 minutes of taking hot bath regularly will help to reduce arthritis and back pain in elderly people. However, hot baths are effective in treating joint and muscle pains too.

Give a try to hot bath when you are affected with any muscle pain as well as if you want to burn calories and don’t have enough time to visit gym, then it is a great alternative for you to maintain healthy and fit body.

Can Hot Bath Burn Calories As 30- Minute Walk-



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