Aloe Vera for Dandruff: Is it Really an Effective Way of Treating Dandruff?

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Taking care of your hair is not the easiest thing, especially if your scalp is prone to dandruff. You always find yourself in a mess while styling your hair. Yes, there are plenty of natural and home remedies to get rid of dandruff and give your hair a clean and shiny look.

You suddenly got to know about some benefits of using aloe vera for hair. And now, you are wondering, “can I use aloe vera gel on my hair every day?” Don’t worry; we got you covered again! 

Dandruff is a very common scalp condition affecting millions and billions of people around the world. It seems almost everyone finds it difficult to successfully get rid of dandruff. If you have dandruff for a long time, you must be habitual of noticing little white flakes on your hair and clothes. Dandruff can also make your scalp itchy at times. 

In short, it can be immensely frustrating to live with chronic dandruff. Although there are no serious side effects of dandruff, it’s more than enough to make your life very, very uncomfortable, and even embarrassing at times. 

There are, of course, so many different treatments for dandruff, but treating it with aloe vera can be effective, safe, as well as affordable. In this article, we are trying to look at how aloe vera can solve this annoying problem. We will also discuss some various effective ways of using aloe vera for dandruff. Let’s find out. 

Why You get Dandruff Too Often?

Different people can have dandruff due to some completely different causes. But there are some common causes of dandruff, including:

  • Not taking proper care of hair
  • Using different types of shampoo
  • Naturally oily skin 
  • Using low-quality personal care products including hair oils 

Some rare or less-common causes of chronic dandruff are:

  • Prolonged scalp dermatitis 
  • Parkinson’s disease 
  • Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infection 
  • Gonorrhea 

Symptoms of Dandruff

Some very common signs and symptoms of dandruff include:

  • Itchy scalp 
  • White, scaly flakes on hair, shoulders, clothes, and severe cases, even on beard and or mustache. 
  • Crusty, scaly scalp, especially the infants wearing cradle caps. 

Is Aloe Vera good for dandruff?

Aloe vera is usually not a first-line treatment when it comes to dandruff. But it can be very effective if you have tried various other home remedies without much success. It can be effective against certain conditions causing dandruff, including seborrheic dermatitis. 

According to a small study, people who used aloe vera for seborrheic dermatitis got significant relief from scaliness, itchiness, and the size of patches affected with dandruff. 

Based on some scientific evidence, thanks to its various unique properties, aloe vera can improve dandruff due to its:

  • Anti-inflammatory properties, especially if dandruff, is accompanied by irritation. 
  • Moisturizing effect to fight excessive dryness, especially in conditions like scalp eczema. 
  • Enzymes content can help reducing inflammation and can increase the healing process.
  • Ability to prevent cell damage due to excellent antioxidant properties.

As already said, aloe vera may not be the best option for typical dandruff, but if your scalp is inflamed or dandruff has become severe due to other conditions, you can try it as a handy alternative.

Different ways of Using Aloe Vera for Dandruff

There are a lot of different ways of using aloe vera for dandruff. We are helping you with some quick, but very effective home remedies

aloe vera gel on my hair

1. Aloe Vera with Castor Oil 

Castor oil is very well known for its anti-inflammatory properties, and it may help treat dandruff, especially if caused by seborrheic dermatitis. Also, thanks to its moisturizing prowess, castor oil can reduce dryness and flakiness of the scalp. Using castor oil with aloe vera can protect your hair from dandruff, boost hair growth, and give you luscious, long hair. 

  • Add two tbsp castor oil to one cup of fresh aloe vera gel 
  • Mix well and apply on hair roots to tips 
  • Leave overnight and wash off in the morning 
  • Repeat these steps once every week to get excellent results. 

2. Aloe Vera and Olive Oil 

This combination can also be an effective home treatment for dandruff. Olive oil works as a wonderful natural hair conditioner and can reduce flakes and scales from your scalp. Massaging your scalp with olive oil can also reduce itching and pain in chronic inflammation of the scalp. And combining it with aloe vera can only increase its potency. 

  • Add a few drops of olive oil to one cup of fresh aloe vera gel. 
  • Mix well and cover your hair properly. 
  • Wash after 20 odd minutes and cover with a towel. 

3. Aloe Vera and Egg

The egg is a very good remedy for various hair problems, including dandruff. In particular, egg yolk is an excellent source of fat and proteins and work as a superb conditioner. Egg also contains some essential nutrients required for proper, healthy hair growth. Using egg with aloe vera can heal your scalp affected with thick layers of dandruff.

  • Add one egg yolk to a half cup of aloe vera gel and mix thoroughly. 
  • Apply the mixture appropriately on your hair with special attention to hair roots. 
  • Go for the shower after an hour and finish with a mild conditioner. 

4. Aloe Vera and Fenugreek 

Fenugreek, also known as “Methi” in the Indian subcontinent, is also one of dandruff’s decent home remedies. It is packed with hormone antecedents known for promoting hair growth and reducing your scalp’s proneness to dandruff. Adding Methi to aloe vera can be a very smart idea, as the mixture can serve excellent nourishment to your hair. 

  • Soak a cup of Methi seeds in enough water, and leave overnight
  • Prepare a fine paste by grinding soaked seeds, and add two tbsp aloe vera gel to it
  • Mix thoroughly and apply evenly on your hair and scalp. 
  • Shield your hair with a shower cap and leave for about one hour. 
  • Flush your hair with cold water using mild, chemical-free shampoo. 

5. Aloe Vera and Lemon Juice

Lemon is another potent natural remedy for dandruff. However, it is acidic and can aggravate itching and irritation of the scalp. But you can balance the acidity by mixing it with aloe vera gel. A mixture of both makes an effective remedy for dandruff. 

  • Mix two tbsp lemon juice with half cup aloe vera gel 
  • Apply the mixture properly on the scalp and leave for half an hour 
  • Clean your hair with lukewarm water and follow with a gentle shampoo. 

5. Aloe Vera and Curd 

Combining aloe vera with curd is another excellent way of treating dandruff. Thanks to its amazing moisturizing effects, curd can soothe an itchy and scaly scalp. Curd can also control fungal growth and excess production of sebum. Hence, you can also try aloe vera with curd to get rid of dandruff. Here is how:

  • Add 2 tbsp aloe vera gel to one cup curd 
  • Apply the combination on your scalp and hair, like a mask 
  • Wash with lukewarm water and finish with a mild shampoo. 

7. Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil 

Coconut oil alone is used as a very effective natural remedy for dandruff. It gives your scalp the required nourishment and improves symptoms like itching and flakiness. Yeast infection is also one of dandruff’s causes, and due to its anti-microbial properties, coconut oil can control the infection. Being a very gentle cleanser, coconut oil can also make a decent protective layer for your scalp. And you can increase its potency by adding some aloe vera gel to it. 

  • Combine one cup of coconut oil with two tbsp aloe vera gel 
  • Massage the oil thoroughly on your scalp
  • Wash with lukewarm water after one and a half hours. 
  • Follow this process twice a week for desired results. 

8. Aloe Vera and Onion Juice

Onion is rich in sulfur and can nourish hair follicles and also reduce hair thinning. Thanks to its antibacterial nature, onion juice can treat symptoms of dandruff some other scalp infections. Hence, you can try adding onion juice to aloe vera gel to finally overcome dandruff. 

  • Take two to three large onions and prepare a puree in a blender. 
  • Extract the juice by using cheesecloth. 
  • Now, add a half cup of fresh aloe vera juice and mix well. 
  • Massage the mixture thoroughly on your scalp and work through hair length. 
  • Wear the mixture for about an hour before washing with a mild shampoo. 

9. Aloe Vera and Green Tea

Green tea can be an excellent rinse to fight dandruff and stimulate hair growth. It provides the much-needed nourishment to your scalp and protects against bacteria, fungus, sun damage as well as dandruff. Also, contain antioxidants and heals damage to the scalp. 

  • Brew half a cup of green tea and add an equal quantity of fresh aloe vera gel. 
  • Mix well and massage on the scalp to ensure your hair is completely saturated. 
  • Leave for about ten minutes and wash off with cold water. 

10. Aloe Vera and Amla 

Also known as Indian Gooseberry, amla is also one of the widely used home remedies to eliminate dandruff. It is packed with various antioxidants, including polyphenols and flavonoids, as well as vitamin C. In addition to reducing dandruff, amla can also control premature hair greying and hence becomes a potent option to use with aloe vera. 

  • Add one tbsp crushed amla pulp to one tbsp aloe vera gel. 
  • Mix using a fork and apply thoroughly to your scalp. 
  • Cover with a shower cap and leave for about forty minutes. 
  • Use cold water and a mild shampoo as hair cleansers. 
  • Repeat these steps three to four times a week to see the difference. 

11. Olive Oil and Cayenne Pepper 

Cayenne pepper embodies capsaicin, which is known for stimulating healthy hair growth. Capsaicin also improves blood circulation to the hair follicles, positively affects overall nutrition to your scalp. Cayenne pepper’s topical use can get rid of dandruff and leave soft, shiny, and easy to manage hair. 

  • Combine one tbsp cayenne pepper and half cup fresh aloe vera gel. 
  • Mix well to prepare a smooth, thin paste. 
  • Massage your scalp with about one tbsp of the mixture (You can keep the remaining mixture in a jar for later use). 
  • Leave it on your scalp for about ten minutes. 
  • Wash with cold water and follow with a mild shampoo and conditioner. 

Can aloe vera be left in hair?

Yes, leaving aloe vera gel on hair for a few hours is not harmful at all. It gives aloe vera the required time to work on your scalp and hair. However, the “excess of anything is dangerous” formula works here as well. There is no need to leave aloe vera on hair for days. You may have some adverse effects on your hair. Yes, aloe vera is a very good treatment for various hair and scalp problems, but it is not required to leave it for so long. 

The best way of using aloe vera on hair is to apply it on your hair while going to sleep and wash off in the morning.  

Final Words

Aloe vera can surely be a solution for dandruff, especially if certain skin conditions cause it. It heals your scalp, reduces inflammation, itching, and also controls flakiness. However, if you have dandruff accompanied by excessive itching, burning, or scalp pain, we recommend you to get in touch with a dermatologist.

You might be suffering from some more serious skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. There is no way to treat such conditions at home. Yes, you can have some relief by applying aloe vera. But for proper treatment, you will have to talk to your dermatologist. 

Aloe vera is very gentle and doesn’t usually cause any skin irritation. However, if you are allergic to some very mild natural remedies, we suggest you go for an allergy test before finally using aloe vera for dandruff.