How to Use Mayonnaise Hair Mask at Home (Benefits and DIY Recipes Included)

Homemade Mayonnaise Hair Mask Recipe


Hairs are the most important factor we have to take care of to look and feel beautiful. For hair care there are number of treatments and expensive spas available in the market.

Using such expensive ointments is not affordable for all. There is a best inexpensive hair treatment which can be used by everyone, the Mayonnaise treatment. Mayonnaise treatment is safe and do not have any side effect as it is complete natural.

In this era of technological improvements Mayonnaise treatment have maintained its importance which cannot be replaced by any other treatments. It steel works well than spas and other treatments from hair care industry.

Most of the treatments offered by salons cause harms to hair more than its good results. In such condition mayonnaise hair mask is an easy solution for complete hair care. If you have damaged hair you need to recover them, if you have healthy hair you have to maintain them. In both the conditions hair care becomes mandatory.

You must pamper you hair with natural and safe products. Mayonnaise is the product which is enriched with lot of proteins and oils. These proteins and oils work best to care for hair by providing all required hydration for them.

Mayonnaise hair mask is the best solution to moisturize you hair thoroughly. Do whatever style you want to do with your hair but always keep them moisturized by providing hydrating elements.

Benefits of Using Mayonnaise Hair Mask for Your Hair

#1 Complete moisture to hair

Hair needs moisture for their health. Mayonnaise hair mask has oils which provide this moisture and nourish your hair from deep. If you have dry and damaged hair, Mayonnaise is the product for you. Apply this mask to make your hair healthy and manageable you wanted always.

#2 Protection from sun

Sun emits ultra violet rays and heat which we all know damage our hair as well as skin. Because of exposure to sun our hair gets damaged. Such damaged hair is more prone to breakage. Exposure may also result into hair fall problem. To prevent hair from such damage Mayonnaise hair mask can be used. This mask creates a coating around your hair strands. This coating will protect your hair form direct exposure to sun and prevent hair damage.

#3 Protection from styling tools

Now we all needs styling tools for various hair styles such styling tools heat up our hair and soak all the moisture from them resulting into hair damage. Such tools have harmful effects on hair which may lead to dryness in hair. If this damage is not cured hair become brittle. Mayonnaise hair mask helps in repairing hair from such styling tool damage. Applying Mayonnaise hair mask will provide elements required by hair to be healthy and manageable.

#4 Restoring pH level

Healthy hair has balanced pH level. It is necessary maintain this pH level to keep hair shiny and soft. Mayonnaise hair mask does this task. This mask balance pH level in hair. Mayonnaise contains vinegar which is responsible for such pH level restoration.

#5 Prevents hair breakage

Mayonnaise is a good source of oils as well as proteins. When moisture of the hair disappears, hair strands are likely to form gaps and clings. These gaps and clings make your hair look dull and unhealthy. The protein contained in Mayonnaise fills up these gaps. Mayonnaise helps your hair to look fuller by giving them extraordinary shine.

#6 Give frizz free dense hair

Mayonnaise contains egg yolk and various natural ingredients that are helpful in nourishing hair. The oil and other natural ingredients in Mayonnaise help in providing goodness of eggs to give strength to hair. The hair mask also helps in enhancing density of your hair by making hair roots stronger. If you have dry brittle hair and tired of its frizz, use mayonnaise hair mask to make them silky, shiny and soft.

How to Make Mayonnaise Hair Mask at Home?

Mayonnaise is available in the market so you can buy it from store. But it may contain preservative which are harmful for your hair. It is recommended to prepare your own Mayonnaise hair mask at home. Preparing the mask by your own gives you assurance of natural ingredients you are using which are not going to harm your hair. There are number of methods to prepare Mayonnaise hair mask. Here are some of useful methods you may follow.

Mayonnaise mask with egg yolk

You need one egg yolk, one teaspoon vinegar, one teaspoon lemon juice and canola or extra virgin olive oil half a cup.

  • Mix all these ingredients together with your hand or a blender. Rigorously mix them slowly till they all mix well and turn into texture like Mayonnaise.
  • Apply this mixture on your thoroughly. Make sure that you cover each strand of your hair. After the application cover your hair with a shower cap.
  • Wait for an hour and then wash your hair with regular shampoo.

Mayonnaise mask with milk and honey

This is a nourishing hair mask for super dry hair. This mask hydrates hair. Mayonnaise is enough for providing conditioning to hair buy honey and milk add value to it. The three ingredients work great as a natural conditioner. This mask will make your hair soft and silky.

  • You need half cup Mayonnaise, one table spoon organic honey, and one table spoon raw milk. Mix these ingredients in a bowl.
  • Apply thoroughly covering all strands of your hair and cover with shower cap.
  • Wait for half an hour and wash with shampoo.

Important Tips

  • Always use full fat Mayonnaise for your hair.
  • If you have extreme dry, damaged and dull hair, leave Mayonnaise hair mask over night by covering them with plastic.
  • To bear Mayonnaise hair mask smell you can add one teaspoon of vanilla extract to it.
  • You can store Mayonnaise mask in your fridge for later use.
  • You can also use leftover Mayonnaise hair mask for your skin to make it look soft and glowing.

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