Avoid Fleas And Ticks With This Amazing Remedy

Fleas and ticks are unwelcome guests in many houses and dealing with these little blood suckers is an inevitable part of pet ownership. Every pet owner knows how annoying it would be dealing with them.

These tiny insects can easily multiply in numbers and easily infect your pet from head to paw. These will not only cause irritation, but it leads the pets to experience inflammation and even open sores with skin sensitivities or flea and tick allergies.

Sever infestation of these pests can even lead to fur loss and patchy coats as well as anemia. Fleas and ticks can also transmit diseases not only for the pets they bit even for the humans too.

The exact disease can vary depending upon the species of flea and the common transmitted include sleeping sickness, tungiasis, typhus, lyme disease, rocky mounted spotty fever, tapeworms and different types of plague.

However, there are many treatments to keep these tiny blood suckers at bay such as flea and tick collars, topical solutions, sprays but they are highly poisonous and dangerous to use it on your pets.

The highly toxic chemicals in the sprays will cause severe health problems in pets which include organ failure, nerve damage, endocrine disruption and even cancer too.

So, do we find any alternative rather than chemical filled sprays or medications for pets to get relief from these tiny pests? Yes, it is always better to opt for natural solution that provides no side effects.

Here are some natural remedies to treat fleas and ticks.

Natural Remedies For Fleas And Ticks

Fleas and ticks can easily spread and can cause real damage in very short time. For instance, a flea can live more than 18 months and during that time, a female flea can lay more than 5000 eggs.

The below is one of the effective remedy which is made of three powerful ingredients that helps to prevents pests completely.

Herbal Flea And Tick Powder

Required Ingredients

  • 1 cup of food grade diatomaceous earth
  • ½ cup of Neem powder
  • ½ cup of Yarrow powder

Directions To Use

  • Mix all ingredients in a container with shaker top. And apply this powder on your pet dry fur and brush it in to ensure that it comes in contact with the skin of your pet.
  • Avoid putting this powder near the ears, mouth and face of your pet, because it acts as an irritant especially at these places of your pet.
  • You need to do this at least 3-4 times in a week to prevent the fleas completely.
  • You can also sprinkle little amount of this mixture on bed of your pet and carpet area and leave for few hours, then simply vacuum it.

Benefits Of Ingredients Used In This Amazing Remedy

  • Diatomaceous Earth


(Image Source: www.harmonicarts.com)

This is a sedimentary mineral rock derived from the remains of diatom, ocean single cell algae. Diatomaceous earth exactly looks like a talc powder with white color and contains fossilized minerals. The active ingredient called silica grains in this powder is harmful to insects and effective in preventing them.

  • Neem Powder

Medicinal neem leaves with dried powder over white background
Medicinal neem leaves with dried powder over white background

(Image Source: www.fushi.com)

From ancient years, neem has its own special place especially in ayurveda to treat many types of skin and health issues. This is also used as an effective herbal repellent for fleas, insects, lice, mites, ants and mosquitoes.

Neem contains a compound called salannin which acts exactly as an insect repellent and even helpful for dry and itchy skin. Neem also contains anti bacterial properties that can help prevent any infections from flea and tick bites.

  • Yarrow Powder


(Image Source: www.wildhorseproducts.com)

Yarrow powder is known for its anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties and even for pain relieving properties. This herb is effective in preventing fleas and ticks easily and even soothes the irritated skin caused by bites of flea and ticks.

Other Alternatives For Preventing Flea And Ticks

You can even use essential oils like lemon essential oil, clove oil, lemon grass oil and cinnamon oil to prevent blood sucking insects as they posses anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties.

All these oils can also acts as wonderful insect repellents without any side effects, you just need to mix any of the above essential oil with 3-4 parts of water and spray it on your pet on regular basis to prevent the pests completely.

Avoid fleas and ticks with this amazing remedy

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