How to Use Cuticle Pusher?

Let’s accept it; you don’t pay much attention to nails.

Like skin and hair, nails are made of identical protein. A thin sensitive skin covers the pint where nail plate meets finger.

If you’re nice to them, they will benefit your nails. Cuticle shed dead cells and a layer of dead cells are formed due to external factors.

Dry or ragged cuticles overshadow your beautiful nails. But, never try to peeling or bite cuticles, it isn’t good for nails.


Apart from moisturizing them, you must push using cuticle pusher.

Peeling the dry cuticles will leave the gap between nail plate, which allows bacteria to invade and trigger infection.

How to Use Cuticle Pusher?


No need to worry, there are huge list of cuticle pusher made of different materials.

Steel cuticle pusher is preferred by most manicurists.

Before you proceed to push them, hydrate dry cuticles with cuticle oil. Without moisturizing, you may tear cuticle with the pusher.

You can try coconut oil or jojoba oil, as they are available in every house.

  1. Wash your nails and cuticles to remove impurities.
  2. Moisturize cuticles with coconut oil and leave for few minutes.
  3. Wash cuticles to remove excess oiliness and pat dry with a cloth.
  4. Take steel cuticle pusher and gently push cuticles towards nails base.

Well designed cuticle pusher allows you to push cuticles around the nails.

Cuticle Care Tips

In ancient time, red nail polish is denoted as the symbol of social status. This defensive layer over the nail guards from bacteria and fungi.

So, unhealthy cuticles may result in ailments.

You don’t have to visit a spa for manicure or pedicure. Just take care of them and pamper them if possible. After all, they are one of the sensitive parts of your nails.

  • Regularly moisturize cuticles using olive oil or coconut oil. While massaging your hair with coconut oil, apply it over cuticles.
  • Avoid cutting, biting and rough manicure.
  • Longer exposure to water results in bacterial infection and makes your fingers prune.
  • Include vitamin rich diet and drink enough water.

For strong dead cells, use steel cuticle pusher.




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