How to Use Olive Oil for Curly Hair


Do you feel tangled in curly hairs? For your trouble with your curly hairs oil is the best answer. Right oil can solve your curly hair complaints. You can get solution for frizzy hairs to the problem of disappeared shine. Oil can also make your hair stronger and manage your split ends. Let us come to the point which oil is best for curly hair? The answer is olive oil. Olive oil for curly hair is like blessing to solve all curly hair complaints.

Olive Oil to Hydrate Frizzy Hair

We all know that curly hair is less hydrated than straight hair. This hydration problem leads to frizz in hair resulting into loss of shine. Such less hydrated hair are more prone to breakage and the split ends. All these are the symptoms of dull and unhealthy hair. The oil produced naturally from your scalp provides this required hydration and adds shine to it. This natural oil decrease frizz in hair provides strength against breakage.

Works as Natural Oil

The oil produced from the scalp gets distributed to length of hair easily if hair is straight. On the straight hair oil naturally slips down to hydrate and provide shine throughout the length of hair. But with the curly hair it becomes difficult for oil to slide down as curly hair forms coils. This is the reason why curly hair is drier. You just need olive oil for curly hair to make it work as the natural oil from the scalp.

Provides Moisture

Olive oil works as magic to provide all required moisture to the hair according to Sarah Stevens who is the curly hair blogger working for WaterLilly716. You have to understand what result you want from the oil. Is it the moisturizing or sealing? If you are looking for moisture olive oil is the remedy. Moisturizing oils like olive oil are heavier and can be used alone.

Cures Split Ends

After choosing the perfect oil it is necessary to understand how to use it. Moisturizing oils are meant for deep conditioning. It must be massaged on your scalp to hydrate your hair. Massaging encourage your hair growth. By conditioning olive oil cures split ends also. So the olive oil for curly hair must be applied during conditioning treatment.

Multiple Benefits

Olive oil is best known for its use for cooking purpose but it is also the best moisturizing oil. It works like a beauty aid. It detangles difficult to manage hair. Give moisture and shine to add beauty to hair. It can also be used for hot oil treatments. According to natural hair blogger, olive oil can be used for hot oil treatment and detangling purposes. When you are out of conditioner you can add olive oil in place of conditioner.

How to Use Olive Oil for Curly Hair?

The method to apply olive oil for curly hair is to apply it on your scalp directly and then rubbing it with your finger tip.

  • Take some olive oil on your palm and spread throughout your length of hair concentrating on the ends.
  • Cover your hair with a plastic cap for about 30 minutes.
  • After this rinse your hair and start washing routine for getting softer hair.

Use Olive oil for your curly hair and get the frizz free, soft and shinning hair you always dreamt of.

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