Using Olive Oil for Grey Hair

Black shinning hair adds beauty to your appearance. Would you allow few external factors to ruin it? Try olive oil for grey hair regularly.

There are few things which you can’t stop, no matter how much you try; age is one among them. Many positive and negatives things accompany as you grow. All you can do is to cope up with them. Grey hair is a sign of experienced and elderly person. But, premature aging signs are a great cosmetic concern for youngsters.

With hectic work and modern culture we take no or less care out our health. Due to external and internal factors people between the age group of 20-30 are experience few premature aging signs including grey hair and wrinkles.

Cosmetic products are filled with chemicals and preservatives, which irritate your scalp. Though their marketing campaign promises to give glossy hair, they don’t seem to be effective. Natural remedies like olive oil are free from irritants and preservatives, making it a perfect remedy for your hair.

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Benefits of Olive Oil for Grey Hair

olive oil for grey hair

Olive oil is known for its medical, culinary and cosmetic benefits. Excellent moisturizing properties in olive oil attracted Egyptians to use for first time. Topically massaging olive oil over scalp hydrates and repairs damaged hair.

Hair issues like dandruff, itchy scalp, hair loss and graying of hair can be prevented by regular use of olive oil. Omega – 3 and 6 fatty acids nourish and moisturize your hair. Vitamins and minerals penetrate deep into the hair to enhance its healthy functioning.

Your hair turns grey due to various factors including poor nutritional diet, hormonal imbalance, smoking, pollution, extensive use of hair products and certain ailments.

Skin and hair gets its color from a pigment known as melanin, which produces melanocytes. Due to some hormonal fluctuations, melanocytes stop working and your hair turns grey at early stage. (source)

  • Massaging regularly before going to bed will treat dandruff and makes your scalp hydrated.
  • Assorted properties in olive oil go deep into the scalp and promote melanocytes production, which can turn your hair dark.
  • Prolonged exposure to sun may damage your hair; vitamin D in this oil will control Pheomelanin that can turn your hair color.
  • By maintaining pH level of hair follicles, olive oil will restore the hair color. Balance between Eumelanin¬†and Pheomelanin is maintained for dark shiny color of hair.
  • As mentioned above, excess use of hair products will change your hair color. Olive oil fights with chemical ingredients and get back the lost color by balancing the pH level of scalp.
  • Olive oil is packed with powerful nutrients in its arsenal. All you’ve to do is to use it regularly. But let me disclose that even this powerful weapon can’t stop aging. It can only delay the premature aging signs.

Apart from hair, olive oil can hydrate your skin and get back those lost youthful days.

Let see how you to use it.

Enticing benefits of olive oil attracted many cosmetic industries. So they started adding this natural ingredient to their beauty and hair products. Sadly they refine the ingredient to increase the shelf-life of the product.

Experts recommend using unprocessed olive oil to treat grey hair.

You can directly apply olive oil like you do with coconut oil or blend it with other natural oils.

Blend black seed oil with olive oil in equal quantity and massage over the scalp. Make sure you wash your hair to remove impurities and hair products remained over scalp.

Other ingredients that you can add with olive oil are jojoba oil, vitamin E capsules, honey and egg white.

Did you ever use olive oil for grey hair? Share your views about this innate remedy.

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