Know The Reasons For Your Hair fall

It is a known fact that men are more prone to hair loss than women but hair thinning and hair fall are common in women too. These can be caused due to several reasons like vitamin deficiency, health condition, post delivering a child etc.

Well, hair fall can be controlled and other hair problems can be treated but it all depends on the cause. Below mentioned are some of the reasons why you are seeing more hair on floor or hair brush than your head.

Reasons For Hair Fall

  1. Stress


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Stress is one of the most common reason for hair fall. Well, this stress can be either physical like health issues, surgery, accident or any other thing and mental stress. Your hair has to go through three cycles growth phase, rest phase and shedding phase. If you have too much stress in your life then it can shook the hair cycle and allow your hair to land up in shedding phase.

Hair fall is usually noticed after 3-6 months of trauma or stress. If you have physical stress then the good news is that your hair will stop falling after you recover.

2. Excess Consumption Of Vitamin A


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Consuming vitamin A in excess amount by taking supplements can also cause hair fall. If you are on a daily dose of vitamin A for a long time then you will observe hair fall and this may stop as you stop taking the pills. According to dermatologists the daily dose of vitamin A should be 5000 international units(IU) for adults but many pills contain 2500-10000 IU.

3. Pregnancy

Hair fall due to pregnancy is most common as the women has to go through physical stress. This hair fall can be seen after the birth of child but not during pregnancy. However, there is nothing much to worry about this as your hair will start growing back to normal after few months.

4. Lack Of Protein

Diet plays a vital role when it comes to maintaining healthy hair. If your diet lacks protein then you are more likely to suffer from hair fall. Make sure to have protein rich foods like meat, eggs and fish, but if you are a vegan then go for protein rich veggies like spinach, asparagus, broccoli, collard greens etc.

5. Anemia


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Anemia, that is lack of hemoglobin or iron deficiency can also lead to hair fall. But the good news is that this condition is easily fixable by taking iron supplements. If you are tired of hair fall then get a blood test done and if you are anemic then your doctor will prescribe iron supplements.

6. Hypothyroidism

Having an under active thyroid gland is known as hypothyroidism. The thyroid gland produces hormones essential for several vital functions of our body, when this gland gets effected it will not produce enough hormones that are  necessary for hair growth and health, which in turn leads to hair fall.

7. Weight Loss


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Sudden weight loss can even cause your hair to fall. Weight loss is a form of physical stress that can lead to hair fall or hair thinning. Weight loss can be good for your health but not for your hair. Insufficient amount of vitamins due to diet is also the reason for hair.

8. Certain Medications

Medication for blood thinner and blood pressure can also cause hair loss. Apart from this drug like methotrexate, which is used to treat skin problem can also cause hair hall, lithium and non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs can make your hair weak and make them fall.

9. Over styling


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Styling your hair will make you look good but over styling can cause damage to your hair roots and this promotes hair fall. Too much use of chemical based products, heating tools, hot oil treatment and tight braids all these can contribute in hair fall. To make your hair healthy and avoid hair fall, make sure you dont use too much chemicals on your hair, always use a conditioner after washing hair, dont use heating tools more than once a week.

10. Hormonal Changes

Hormones play a vital role in our body, if they are disturbed your entire body gets disturbed. Hormonal changes can lead to weight gain, acne as well as hair fall.

know the reasons for your hair fall



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