How To Do Self Breast Examination At Home

Cancer is spreading rapidly all over the world, particularly in developed countries. The most common type of cancer among women is breast cancer. Women after 50 or after menopause are more likely to get effected with it.

However frequent self examination of breast can prevent cancer growth as well as early detection, which can help in better treatment making one cancer free. Factors such as lifestyle, eating habits, being active is responsible for 80% of cancer and the rest 20% depends on family history of cancer.

Breast Cancer Screening

Most of the women go for annual mammograms as a preventive measure for breast cancer. Women above 40 are recommended for mammograms, they think they can detect cancer at early stage. However this is not true, mammograms do not detect cancerous cells sooner. Instead it can cause breast cancer due to the radiation as well as pressure applied to the breasts. If you are willing to go for cancer screening ask your doctor for thermography. It is more accurate and much safer than mammography.

How To Do Self Breast Exam?

1. In The Shower

While taking bath is the apt time to exam breast. As wet skin allows your fingers to easily glide over your skin, it is very helpful in examining breasts. Start from the outer most part of your breast, press your fingers gently and go till nipple. Check to find out if there is any unusual lump, thick spot or any other changes in your skin. Make sure to check till armpit as breast tissues spread till that area. Check both the breast thoroughly.

prevention is always better than cure. Every time you are in shower, just give 2-3 minutes to examine your breasts.

2. In Front Of Mirror

While examining breast in front of mirror, turn and look in all possible positions. Compare the shape of both the breasts, appearance of nipples and skin color as well. Press with your fingers on the sides till armpits and notice if there is any unusual thing. Check by keeping arms relaxed at your sides, arms raised till head and by keeping chest muscles flexed.

3. Lying Down

Lie down of the bed with your head on the pillow. Now keep your left hand under your head and then examine left  breast thoroughly, by pressing in and around the breast as well as in the armpit. Gently press nipple and see if there is any discharge of blood or so. Now do the same thing to the right breast.

Here is the list of things to keep in mind while examining the breasts

  • Blood discharge from the nipple
  • Changes in size of breast
  • Lump in breast
  • Flaky or itchy skin around the nipple
  • Swelling in the armpit.


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