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Cellulite is a dimple-like appearance that affects your things’ skin. It is a very common, harmless skin condition that causes dimpled, lumpy flesh, mainly on thighs. It can also affect hips, abdomen, and buttocks and is more commonly seen in women. According to an estimation, more than 85 percent of women over 21 have cellulite. Although it is not harmful, it can be a problem for those who are always extra careful about their looks. If you are also one of them and want to know “how to get rid of cellulite on thighs,” we will help you with the best possible solutions.

Unlike most other skin conditions, cellulite may develop with no connection to age or weight but is more commonly noticed in advanced life stages. Medically, it is also known as “gynoid lipodystrophy” and can be reduced by combining some lifestyle adjustments, home remedies, exercises, etc.

This article will focus on every aspect of cellulite, including the possibility of disappearance, home remedies, required time duration, and much more. Let’s have a look.

Can You Get Rid of Cellulite Once You Have It?

Getting rid of cellulite entirely is almost impossible. Honestly speaking, it’s not necessary at all to fix cellulite from a medical point of view. At a certain stage of life, cellulite becomes a common and absolutely normal feature of your body. To your surprise, “cellulite” wasn’t even a part of common, daily life vocabulary until the late 1800s when French doctors first coined the word.

Famous magazine Vogue in the late 1960s even called it “body fat you couldn’t lose before” and highlighted with the line “a trendsetting, fashionable, unique way for women to hate their bodies.”

These days, cellulite is considered more as a “personality problem” than anything. And getting rid of it completely is not as straightforward as usually thought. There is simply no “magic treatment” for it because the exact cause for it is still unknown, and you may get it due to an array of factors, even without one! If you are still worried about those lumpy, inconsistent thighs, you can get some improvement with a balanced diet, healthy and active lifestyle, adequate hydration, proper exercises, and no smoking.

How long does it take to get rid of cellulite?

This question’s answer depends entirely on different factors, including age, body weight, how long since you have them, and the treatment method. In some cases, no treatment, including natural methods, work.

According to some research, cellulite can be improved within a month or so with proper treatment combined with specific lifestyle changes. But if you have them for very long, you may have to opt for other alternatives, including supplements and topical creams. If we talk about a specific time frame, cellulite may go away in a month or may never go without surgical methods.

How to reduce cellulite in a week – Is it possible?

It is not quite practically possible, at least not within a week. Because cellulite is an appearance of an accumulation of fatty tissues underneath the affected skin, it is very much possible to reduce the appearance within as little as a week. A combination of a diet rich in vegetables, less salt, and sodium, proper hydration, exercising with this simple home remedy can help you reduce the lumpy appearance of cellulite.

Note: Here, we are talking about “reducing the appearance of cellulite,” not the “cellulite” itself.

Steps to Follow:

  • Add a quarter cup of olive oil to your morning’s coffee ground in a small bowl
  • Warm the mixture in the microwave for about 10 seconds
  • Lie down comfortably and apply the mixture on the areas affected with cellulite.
  • If you cannot lie down due to any reason, use a plastic wrap to secure the mixture on your skin.
  • Ensure proper massage of the mixture on the skin and leave for fifteen minutes.
  • Wash the mixture off with warm water and pat dry.

How does it work?

Caffeine in the coffee mixture can help shrink pores and maintain the firmness of your skin.

  • For better results, repeat this process at least twice daily for a week.
  • Don’t forget to apply this mixture when you decide to spend some time on a beach – or any day you are going to show more skin.

Tips to Follow Throughout the Week

  • In addition to this one-week treatment, we recommend you to up your water intake. Water reduces the toxins from your body and makes your skin soft, supple, firm, and toned.
  • Increase the intake of whole foods like vegetables and cut down salt and sodium consumption as much as you can. Why? Salt is known for retaining water and won’t allow the flushing out of toxins.
  • Add lower body exercises to your regime. Exercises like lunges, cycling, squats, and other exercises involving thighs can also help you combating cellulite.

Does running get rid of cellulite?

Only a multidisciplinary approach, including a healthy diet, proper thigh exercises, lifestyle adjustments like avoiding smoking, etc., can help you have a good chance of improving cellulite appearance.

A diet containing enough fruits and vegetables can be effective against inflammatory markers and maintain ideal body weight to reduce the dimply appearance. Quitting smoking can have a surprisingly positive effect on your efforts.

Also, regular, and moderate physical exercises, including running, can help. How? Practicing regular physical exercises increases and improves your body’s blood flow and increases the elasticity of tissues. Also, running can help burning extra fats accumulated onthe thighs. A combination of running and resistance training may attack cellulite from two sides – a decrease in fat mass and an increase in muscle mass, making it practically possible to reduce cellulite appearance.

Not only running, other aerobic activities, mainly aquatic exercises, can have amazing effects. In short, exercises involving the rapid and constant movement of thighs and legs can have a decisive effect on how your cellulite look.

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Home Remedies and Exercises for Cellulite

NOTE: As already said, these home remedies and exercise reduce the “appearance of cellulite” and are not the “treatment” for cellulite, as it is not considered a skin problem or disease.

Exercises for Cellulite
Exercises for Cellulite

1. Massage

Massage is a promising remedy for the lumpy appearance of skin due to cellulite. You can do it yourself or get some help from a professional massage therapist.

Massage can be usefulin improving lymphatic drainage and hence may help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Also, regular massage of affected areas can stretch skin tissues.

You can use various massage creams and oils readily available in the market. But following a better massage technique is essential to have the best effects. So, we recommend you get some help from a professional therapist to learn the correct massaging technique.

2. Shed Some Body Weight if you are overweight or obese

Being overweight or obese can also be a specific responsible factor for cellulite. If you are overweight, you should think of losing some pounds even if you don’t have cellulite! Losing excess body fat will help you properly shape up your body and get rid of cellulite appearance.

So, follow a healthy lifestyle themed with a balanced diet, appropriate physical activities, enough sleep, stress management, etc., to get your body in the best possible shape. Cellulite appearance around your thighs will automatically start getting better.

Exercises for cellulite

Specific exercises targeting leg and glutes muscles can also improve skin’s texture around the thigh. As a result, the impression of cellulite will be improved too.

While exercise is not the proven treatment for cellulite (there is no other treatment either), exercises can improve the tonicity of thigh muscles and surely make your thighs look better. Here are some exercises to improve the appearance of your thighs.

3. Side Lunges

  • Stand straight and tall, keeping your hip-width away.
  • Take a decent step out, bend your knee, pushing the hips back.
  • Don’t remove any of the feet while lunging.
  • Return to the starting position by pushing off the same leg.
  • Now, repeat with the other leg.

4. Leg/Glute Kick-bags

  • Put both hands and legs on the floor, keeping the rest of the body up.
  • Kick one leg upwards (behind the body), engaging upper thighs and glutes.
  • Lower the involved leg and start again with the other.

5. Step-Ups

  • Step up can be one of the most effective exercises to improve cellulite if you are looking for quick results.
  • Stand steady in front of a bench.
  • Step up on the table with one foot at a time,
  • Step back, keeping the body shape intact.
  • Repeat with other foot.

6. Squats

  • Stand firmly, keeping your feet parallel to your shoulder.
  • Ensure keeping your toes pointing forward.
  • Lower your glutes, assuming you are sitting on a chair.
  • Don’t place your knees to go over your toes.
  • Squeeze the glutes while rising to the starting position, and repeat.

7. Jump Squats

This is a step ahead of the regular squat and is considered one of the best exercises for cellulite (of course, improving appearance).

  • Start with a regular squat.
  • While getting back to the starting position, increase your pace and jump.
  • Don’t try landing very hard on your feet.
  • Repeat these steps.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Cellulite – Does it Work?

Finding different ways of using ACV for cellulite on the internet is as easy as having a stroll in the park. A lot of websites are flooded with different ACV recipes to treat cellulite – both orally and topically! There are many”before and after” photos to somewhat “back” ACV for cellulite. But does it work? Should you use ACV for cellulite? Let’s find out.

Various studies and research claim different health benefits of apple cider vinegar. Yes, there is some scientific backing too. From the prevention of free radicals’ formation to increasing microcirculation flow, ACV is believed to be an effective treatment for various conditions, not surprisingly, for cellulite as well. But there is not enough medical evidence backing these claims.

In fact, there are some risks involved in using ACV for cellulite or for any other condition for that matter. Let’s have a look at some potential risks of oral or topical usage of ACV.

ACV is highly acidic and can cause skin irritation if used undiluted.

ACV can have harmful effects on your body if you are using diuretics or insulin.

It is known for eroding the tooth enamel.

Like other acidic foods, ACV can also intensify acid reflux.

ACV, when used orally, may increase acidity. And if it’s not diluted, it can even harm your kidneys.

It might be very tempting to use apple cider vinegar for cellulite, especially after reading numerous articles online. And if you are also thinking of it as an alternative therapy, we recommend you decide against it. Or at least ask your doctor before using so that you can get the correct suggestion depending on your health condition and medications you are using (if any).


Cellulite is not a problem at all, at least not a severe one. You can enjoy a perfect life even if you have them. But if you are one of those highly conscious people, we have tried our best to give you the best possible solution. Hopefully, we have busted all your confusion related to cellulite, and you are now well prepared to deal with that “assumption” making cellulite a problem.

If you look around, people are struggling with a lot of serious problems, and you are fortunate whatever you have – from your healthy body to all other things. Nevertheless, find reasons to be happy, love yourself, and be thankful; you will learn how to combat or even ignore something that is not even a problem.


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