20 Fantastic Summer Beauty Tips Every Girl Needs to know About!

Summer is the best time to enjoy with your friends, family and relatives. We plan many places to hang out such as beaches and enjoying long summer evenings, sitting outdoor and relaxing. But it also brings in some seasonal beauty headaches, frizzy hair and runny makeup.

There are millions of beauty tips floating around the internet today, but all of them can’t be followed by everyone especially during summer. So here we are presenting you 20 fantastic summer beauty tips every girls need to know about.

20 Summer Beauty Tips for Girls

1. Don’t use Powder to Hide Your Sweat

Instead of using powder on your face, use bottling sheets which will help you to remove the sheen from your face.

Powder stays only for short time and makes clog up on your pores and is one of the cause for breakouts on skin.

2. Rose Water

Rose water is very beneficial in summer season, wash your face daily with rose water at least for 2-3 time in a week.

Its natural cooling properties make it an excellent toner in hot summer season.

3. Drink Plenty of Water

During summer season, because of heat our body gets dehydrated very easily. So, it better to drink more water to keep our self hydrated and it also helps in removing toxins from your body.

Water requirement for body increases in summer, as lots of water is lost due to excessive sweating, try to drink more and more water in summer.

4. Make Lipstick Last Longer

Here is the one of the most important beauty tip girls need to know, it’s very common that you smudge and rub lipstick especially during summer.

To get rid of this, you need to blot the lipstick after applying with a tissue paper and apply a light dusting of translucent powder. Repeat it couple of times to get the intensity that you want.

5. Replace Dry Shampoo with Spray Starch

This is one of the effective beauty tips that will help your hair to get rid of dryness in summer, you just need to grab spray of starch and spray that on the oily parts of your hair.

Spraying starch help your hair to look clean and fresh, if you don’t have spray then you can use baby powder for same purpose.

6. Don’t Stop Moisturizing

Most of us use moisturizers only in winters. As summer is here, you should not stop using moisturizer for your skin, apply moisturizer all through the summer, it will keep your skin fresh and clean and it will stop getting any dry patches.

7. Use Baby Powder to Remove Sand

During summer heavy sweat in beach at the end of the day causes sticky sand on our skin, to get rid of this problem baby powder is the best solution.

Baby powder will absorb all the moisture which stand and stick on your skin.

8. Exfoliate Your Lips

This is one of the most useful tips for lips,mix few drops of olive oil and a bit of sugar and rub them gently on your lips.

It will keep your lips free from dry and dead skin cells.

9. Use hand Sanitizer on Shiny Skin

If your skin is too oily and it’s shining when you are outside, then using sanitizer is the best solution.

Use hand sanitizer under your forehead, under your hair line and across the t zone. Sanitizer helps in removing the excess oil from your skin.

10. Use waterproof Eye Makeup

20 Fantastic Summer Beauty Tips Every Girl Needs to know About

Even if you are not swimming, if you want to avoid smears on your eyes, you need to use waterproof eye liner, because of heavy sweat during summer we are more likely to rub our eyes.

11. Use Cream Eye Shadows

Try to use cream eye shadow in summer, because they will not fade away like the powder ones.

They look great for long hours and can resist the dust and heat on your skin.

12. Avoid Dandruff by Using Crushed Aspirin

Add aspirin to your shampoo which helps in removing dandruff on your scalp. Aspirin contain salicylic acid that helps in removing dead skin cells and flaky skin from your scalp.

13. Use Peppermint Oil for Your Lips

Here is another tip to protect your lips, instead of using branded lip products add 2-3 drops of peppermint oil to lip gloss, peppermint oil helps in keeping your lips soft and smooth.

14. Remove Blackheads With Baking Soda

You can easily remove your black heads by using the simple mixture of baking soda and some water.

Take baking soda and mix it with some water to form a paste, spread the paste over the affected area and let it remain until it gets dry then wash it off and moisturize. Repeat it for several times as much as possible to get rid of black heads.

16. Remove Makeup Before you Go to Sleep

Never go to bed with your makeup still on, because makeup left all night can cause infections and breakouts on the skin.

Coconut oil is the best way to remove make up, you just need to dip cotton ball in coconut oil and wipe the makeup before you sleep.

17. Get Rid of Burning Eyes

If you experience any burning sensation in your eyes when you return back to home, then you have to try this tip.

Keep used tea bags in the freezer and place them on your eyes for few minutes and relax. You can use rose water pads and cucumber slices which are very effective instead of tea bags.

  1. Wear Sunscreen Every Day:

The premature ageing of skin happens because of sun exposure. So, one of the best tip for the people who want to stay young for longer periods is always wear sunscreen even in cloudy days. Because UV rays from the sun can pass through the clouds as well.

18. Don’t Forget to Exfoliate Your Skin

Gently exfoliate your skin regularly which will help you to keep your skin clean by removing the dead skin cells on your skin.

It will also help to remove the skin pores and stops breakouts.

19. Moisturize your Feet

If you don’t want to get your feet look dry and cracked heels, then you need to moisturize your feet regularly.

Rub your feet with shear butter before you go to sleep and cover the feet with a pair of socks over the top. This will give a deep down moisturizing affect.

20. Always Wear a Hat

This is one of the important summer beauty tips to remember to take a wide brimmed hat when you go out for a walk or on a beach.

This helps in protecting your hair as well as your skin from UV rays.

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