8 Common Mistakes While Doing Workout That May Sabotage Your Health

If you are hitting the gym every day, then you’ve already started the great thing for your health. But, you don’t want to sabotage the progress by doing anything that could hurt you further. Unfortunately, we do many mistakes in your gym that results in affecting your health for longer time.

It might be something like not following the regular routine or something like not paying attention for good hygiene. Anything you work for your body, you should take minimum care and caution.

Well, many people will run towards the goal without initial planning or proper care to achieve it. Patience is hard to employ especially when you are already in the gym, but one step forward and two steps backwards is not the productive way to follow.

Finding well designed workout plan is the best way to work better and even to avoid harming your health in long terms. Here are 8 common mistakes that we all do and need to avoid while doing workouts.

8 Common Mistakes While Doing Workouts

1. Learning By Copying Others


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Not sure how to do exercise properly or how a machine works? Seek out by asking your trainer. But never try to copy others to do your work out. Copying others will not help you either this is not an efficient way to maintain the perfect posture of your body.

The next best thing is look for DVD’s produced by qualified trainers and practice them in front of the mirror until you get right posture.

2. Setting Unrealistic Goals


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This is the most common thing we all do, we often tend to forget our goals and break them in the middle. Be mindful of the goals, you’re setting to yourself and it is important to hold yourself accountable with healthy accomplishments and rewards.

Stop focusing on big resolutions instead focus on small daily objective. If you’re hoping to get washboard abs with the help of a workout try setting some smaller goals like make it a few set of crunches a day.

3. Concentrating Only On Cardio Exercises


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Just as you wouldn’t eat one type of food every day, you should not do exercise only of one type, whether it’s just cardio or just strength training. Well, your skeleton needs resistance to strengthen bones said by personal trainer heather L Tyler NSCA- CPT.

Cardio is great, it’s just an initial step for the beginners who has not experienced exercising for prolonged periods, but spending plenty of hours will not worth it in your workout routine. Better combine cardio exercises with resistance building to increase your calorie burn.

4. Exercising On An Empty Stomach


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Working out on an empty stomach will not only burn more fat but it likely sabotage your effort by locking your energy said by Goodson. You must consume pre workout snack which will help you to increase energy by fueling your workout.

Here are few complex carbs and proteins options you can eat before workout- apples, a slice of wheat bread with one teaspoon of peanut butter or handful of almonds or even a wholegrain granola bar. If you train in the morning make sure to take small snack like a banana, protein bar or peanut butter crackers.

5. Not Drinking Enough Water


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According to greatiest, you must drink more than 20 ounces of water while doing workouts. Water keeps your body moving and adequately fueled during workouts so you need to drink lots of water before, during and after workouts.

6. Not Resting


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If you are doing workouts without taking any breaks it might result in harming your health and that’s the reason you need rest while workouts too. Well, coming back to the gym without recovering might give you failure.

If you’re muscles haven’t recover or you haven’t have proper sleep and you haven’t eaten nutritious food then your energy levels become low and your heart rate will be elevated. This results in distracting your concentration that affects your workout.

7. Skipping Shower


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You might feel, it’s not quite important to take shower after your workout session, but showering after exercise is one of the important things you must do. Because leaving sweat and bacteria on your skin will cause breakouts and infections not to mention unpleasant odor.

So, just leave yourself sometime after workout and then change in to dry clothes. If you really get time to have shower then use baby or gym wipes to get bacteria off from your skin until you have time to change.

8. Sticking To Same Routine

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Once you eventually find something you love, it’s easy to make it a habit. These habits can become a little bit excitement after a while, so don’t fall in to fitness rut.

Because working out involves trying new things to provide new challenges to your body to get in to desired shape. So, switch up the workouts for every four to six weeks is ideal according to women’s health. However, this helps you to recognize the drawbacks and what you need to improve on and how you can keep working to accomplish goals.

8 Common Mistakes While Doing Workout That May Sabotage

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