Best Foods to Prevent Wrinkles

Why food is important to skin?

Food is the main source for Healthy skin. Especially, in human body older cells are constantly shed and replaced by younger ones. A steady supply of key nutrients is essential to support the rapid growth and development of our body.

Getting wrinkles and our skin becoming dull is a natural process, we cannot stop them but we can delay them. Measures an be taken to maintain your skin from getting wrinkles early and maintaining shiny and flawless skin.

Best foods to prevent wrinkles are as follows


The following is the lost of food items, when consumed on regular basis you can improve the quality of your skin and make them wrinkle free.

Leafy greens

Leafy green vegetables are rich in nutrients and fibers which helps the skin to be healthy.

Note: leafy vegetables help for radiant skin. Daily consumption of leafy vegetables also helps in good health

Sweet potatoes

Beta carotene which converts into vitamin A can be found in Sweet potatoes. This may help prevent sunburns, removes dead skin cells from the body.


Beans contain mono saturated fats, leaned proteins and anti-oxidants. This helps the skin to fight against aging. Eat a bean-based meal at least once a week.


Pumpkin is one of the top sources of beta carotene. Body converts beta carotene into vitamin A which is essential for growth of skin cells in the body.


Eggs have high number of proteins with fewer amounts of fats which helps for your smooth skin.

Fatty fish

Fatty fish is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Fatty acid encourages the body to produce anti-inflammatory compounds, acts as a natural moisturizer for skin and improves elasticity.


Among all the fruits, strawberries, Raspberries, blackberries have more anti-oxidants which protect skin from wrinkles. This anti-oxidants present in these fruits help to protect the skin from cellular damage.


Almonds are one of the rich source in Vitamin E. The nutrients present in almonds promotes skin elasticity. Instead of taking almonds directly you can roast them as roasted almonds are much better for your skin.


Oats contains chemicals known as saponins that are characterized by intense cleansing properties. Oatmeal baths also soften and moisturize your skin, which helps lock in moisture and protect skin from exterior irritants.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate contains high level of flavonols and a potent type of anti-oxidant. This helps in hydration of skin and improves blood circulation.


Kale is a wonderful source of vitamin C, minerals like Iron and magnesium. Vitamin C is also a super anti-oxidant. It is needed to support the immune system, promote radiant skin and help blemishes heal properly.


Avocados are  good for skin, heart and brain. This fatty fruit is great sources of Vitamin E, water, fiber and healthy fats to protect skin structure.


Mackerel is one of the best source for vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is a nutrient that helps and keep the body’s nerve and blood cells healthy and helps make DNA, the genetic material in all cells.

Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds are very affordable and a good source of vitamin E, zinc, iron, magnesium and proteins. These seeds are loaded with fibre, lower in fat than many other seeds and helps to reduce stress in the body.  


Coffee is a rich source of anti oxidants; it helps in skin cell preservation due to free radical properties. It protects from harsh sun rays and makes skin smooth and bright.

Green Tea

Green Tea helps the skin to be smooth and more elastic. It helps to boost blood flow and provides oxygen to the skin and delivers key nutrients and keeps complexion healthy.


Skin needs moisture to stay flexible. Even mild dehydration will cause skin to look dry. Drinking plenty of water gives hydration to the body and keeps us healthy


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