Egg White Mask for Wrinkles

egg white mask for wrinkles

Wrinkles and grey hair is sign of elderly and intelligent person. But, who yearns to have premature wrinkles to project him/her as intelligent? Luckily using egg white mask you can fade wrinkles and achieve flawless skin.

Its unsightly to have a glimpse of wrinkles, so few people goes to an extent of avoiding mirror as they grow. Aging is natural and there is no one who can stop it. Along with your age, your skin and hair losses its enticing looks. The skin’s elasticity starts losing and fine lines appear.

Unfortunately now-a-days due to hectic schedule and alarming pollution, your skin is facing a really issue. Dead cells, impurities and your lack of care resulting in various skin ailments.

Cosmetic industries are not letting this huge demand to bring some profits to their businesses. So they are striving hard to manufacture beauty products that can fade wrinkles and remove impurities. As they use chemical ingredients and refined natural ingredients (which lacks nutritional value) to increase the shelf-life of products, beauty experts don’t recommend it.

On the other side, natural items are packed with nutrients and vitamins that can wipe impurities and fill your skin with required vitamins. Egg white face mask is one such home available remedy to tighten your skin.

How to Use Egg White Mask for Wrinkles?

  • Egg white has less calories and vitamins compared to egg yolk. But the exceptional benefits it can provide for your skin compensate the absence.
  • Astringent activity packed in egg white shrinks skin pores and tightens the skin texture reducing wrinkle appearance.
  • Egg white exhibits lightening feature that clears your impurities and reduce dark spots gradually.
  • Acne and other skin ailments that are associated with oily skin can be restrained by shrinking skin pores.
  • Unwanted facial hair that makes you embarrassing in a party can be removed by this inexpensive face mask.
  • Assorted nutrients in this mask enhance collagen production to make the skin supple and wrinkle free.

Cleanse your face or wash it with lukewarm water. Use soft cloth to pat dry. Break egg and pour its yolk with white liquid in a bowl. Remove egg yolk to use egg white.

Apply egg white mask over the face evenly and let it dry naturally. Rinse it off when it dries. You can use aromatic essential oil to moisturize your face after this face mask treatment.

Egg white, tea tree oil and honey

Whisk egg yolk and add 1 tablespoon of honey, 4-5 drops of tea tree oil to it. After mixing well, apply it over the face and then rinse it off. Add this simple yet effective home remedy to your beauty regimen for positive results.

Egg white and lemon juice

Lemon juice is known to lighten dark spots and treat acne blemishes with its anti-bacterial activity. Mix few drops of lemon juice in a bowl with egg white. Optionally add 1 tablespoon of honey to hydrate your skin.

If you’ve sensitive skin, then don’t use lemon juice.

Avocado, milk, honey and egg white for wrinkles

Take 1 egg white, required amount of avocado, 4 tablespoon raw milk and 1 tbsp of honey. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and apply it over your skin to hydrate it.

Don’t use ingredients that are allergic to your skin.

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