7 Home Remedies for Headache


One of the most common problems faced by almost every individual throughout their life time is headache. People of almost every age group suffer from headache. Most people end up having pain killer to get rid of headache.


Causes of Headache

  • Genetic cause
  • Excessive smoking
  • Excessive drinking
  • Working late nights
  • Inadequate sleep
  • Traffic jams
  • Tension
  • Water deficiency in body
  • Missing everyday tea or coffee
  • Skipping meals
  • Excessive use of pain killers
  • Compression of blood vessels

However headaches can be dealt with natural home remedies which give good result, sometimes instant relief.

7 Home Remedies for Headache

#1. Ginger

Ginger is one of the basic ingredients available in almost every home. It relaxes the blood vessels by reducing the inflammation, resulting in relief from headache. Ginger can be used in the following ways

  • Inhale the hot vapors by boiling a piece of ginger or even you can add dry ginger powder instead of ginger.
  • Incorporate equal quantity of ginger juice and lemon juice and consume it twice or thrice daily.
  • Make a mixture of dry ginger powder and water and apply this paste on your forehead. You can keep this for few minutes before washing off.

#2. Lavender oil

Lavender oil helps in easing the headache by simply smelling it or by applying few drops of lavender oil and giving a light massage on your fore head. Another option is to add few drops of lavender oil to boiling water and take steam.

#3. Peppermint oil

Menthol is the main ingredient present in peppermint, which helps in opening the jammed blood vessels and giving relief to the headache. All you need to do is take few drops of peppermint oil and mix with few drops of almond oil and give a massage on your forehead. You can even add few peppermint leaves to boiling water and inhale the steam.

#4. Basil

It can be used in the following ways

  • Crush few basil leaves and massage it on your fore head
  • Take a steam of fresh basil leaves added in boiling water
  • Boil a cup of water and add few basil leaves and allow it to cook for few minutes. If you wish can add some honey and sip this hot water.

#5. Almonds

Almonds contain salicin which helps in reducing the pain and is also used in most of the pain killers. So next time when you have a headache eat few almonds instead of pain killing tablets.

#6. Yoga

Regularly doing yoga makes your mind focused and relaxes your muscles which in turn relieve you from headache.

#7. Avoid MSG

Monosodium glutamate is used as a flavoring agent in many food items, especially in Chinese food. Many times foods with MSG cause migraine or a headache. If you suffer from headache regularly then avoid eating foods that contains MSG.




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