I Used Apple Cider Vinegar On My Face For 7 Days And Here’s What Happened

Are you looking for a product that works perfect on your skin to prevent all the skin issues within days? You might have tried many expensive skin products such as creams, cleansers, toners etc that resulted in dissatisfying you after every use!

If am I right and you are facing skin problems same like me, then you are in the right place to treat your skin in a better way.

Have you ever tried apple cider vinegar on your face? Probably not, but this wonderful ingredient is not only effective in treating all type of health issues but also in treating all types of skin issues too like pimples, marks, redness etc.

Even I have used this product on my face for 7 days which gave me great relief from all the skin issues I have been facing for longer time. I suggest you to give a try and enjoy its benefits.

Every day, I took a cotton pad dipped in little amount of vinegar mixed with water and rubbed it gently over my skin. And allow it to sink in and dry then follow with moisturizer.

Let me explain you in detail, what has happened with apple cider vinegar after 7 days on my skin.

First Day

In the morning of first day, I found the smell of it a little stronger but I have been used to it. Once it is soaked in my skin I felt very soft and then followed up with moisturizer and makeup. Then in the evening, I used by cleanser to remove the makeup and again used vinegar.

Second Day

I have seen all the pimples were gone on my face and redness had subsided a little bit. So, I continued the same routine, while in the night I felt like my skin was little dry so without using any products I just continued using vinegar as usual.

Third Day

Well, this morning I have not seen any pimple or redness all over my face. My skin was literally very soft and smooth, so I followed using vinegar like every day.

Fourth Day To Sixth Day

From all these days I have not seen any pimple or redness on my skin, even some stretch marks on my forehead begin to disappear for a while. So I washed my face with a cleanser and applied apple cider vinegar as usual before stepping out from the home and before going to bed.

Seventh Day

Finally, on the last day of treatment I saw my face clear with no scars, pimples, marks and the best part is it is not irritating as before. This makes it so much easier to apply makeup on my face.

Apple cider vinegar worked decently well at preventing breakouts and I think with longer use of apple cider vinegar could help you to get rid of scarring altogether. Make sure to try this on your face and make it glow than before.


Before applying it on your face, make sure to do patch test on your hand so that it cannot cause any allergic reactions on your face. This ingredient work perfect for combination skin.

I Used Apple Cider Vinegar On My FaceFor 7 Days And Here’s What Happened

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