Pineapple for Skin Whitening – Benefits and DIY Recipes

We all are in love with pineapple. Aren’t we? This tangy, juicy, and delectable fruit is the favorite fruit of people of all ages. After all, it is called “the king of tropical fruits”. This amazing fruit doesn’t only excite your taste buds but is also packed with multiple health and skin benefits.

Thanks to its health-friendly contents like copper, magnesium, folic acid, dietary fibers, beta-carotene, manganese, vitamins B and C, pineapple can be a blessing for your skin. There are so many skincare products that contain pineapple as an ingredient. However, if you want to get the maximum effects, you should go for fresh pineapple fruit instead of opting for skincare products made with pineapple. In this write-up, we will discuss how pineapple for skin whitening is no longer an alien concept. We will also share some very interesting and effective recipes for using pineapple for naturally clear, glowing skin.

Is pineapple good for skin whitening?

Yes! Eating or drinking pineapple/juice regularly can help you solve complex and mysterious skin problems. For better results, you can also think about applying pineapple juice with other skin-friendly ingredients. Pineapple juice can improve your overall beauty and can make your skin free from acne, wrinkles, fine lines, and pimples.

Using pineapple for skin can also help you get rid of blemishes, black spots, moles, and warts, etc. And the best thing is, you can blend pineapple juice with a myriad of other natural ingredients. If you have sensitive or inflamed skin, you can alternatively consume pineapple juice for similar results. Here are some amazing skin benefits of pineapple juice.

1. Pineapple Juice Improves Your Skin Complexion

Pineapple juice is very effective to improve overall skin complexion. Thanks to bromelain enzyme presence, pineapple juice can be proved mighty effective in treating various skin conditions including acne, hyperpigmentation, pimples, dark circles under eyes etc.

Mainly due to bromelain, pineapple juice improves the elasticity of the skin by improving collagen synthesis. The proper formation of collagen is also linked with the prevention of wrinkles and fine lines on the face. What more? Pineapple juice is also good at keeping your skin hydrated and deals effectively with dead skin cells.

2. Pineapple May Help in Treating Acne

Unlike most of the other skincare ingredients, pineapple juice is suitable for acne-prone skin too. Pineapple juice is packed with various powerful antioxidants, bromelain, and vitamin C, and can be surprisingly effective as a treatment for acne. In addition, using pineapple for skin can also improve skin toning and damage due to the sun. Bromelain is very effective against swelling and skin inflammation and can soften your skin within a few weeks.

3. Pineapple Juice Delays Skin Ageing

Abnormal and premature skin ageing has become a common skin problem for ladies all over the world. And using chemically prepared skin products can only make your skin worse. Thanks to its antioxidants and vitamin C contents, pineapple can be your new buddy to fight against premature ageing. If you use pineapple for skincare, you will be able to keep premature ageing at bay.

4. Pineapple May Help You in Pimples Prevention

Pineapple sits firmly on top when we talk about healthy, skin-friendly fruits that can also prevent pimples outbreak. As pineapple juice contains alpha-hydroxy acids, it may kill the pimple-causing bacteria, and help you to have pimple-free skin.

5. Pineapple May Heal Moles and Warts

The ability to deal with moles and warts is also among the top skin benefits of pineapple juice. The acidic nature of pineapple juice can remove moles and warts in a few weeks. However, avoid overusing it on warts, as it may penetrate through the open surface of warts and cause itching.

6. Pineapple Works as a Powerful Skin Exfoliator

Pineapple can be your ultimate, all-natural skin exfoliator. As we have already discussed, pineapple contains alpha-hydroxy acids that can exfoliate the dead skin cells without causing any harsh effect on the skin. Pineapple is also packed with proteolytic plant enzymes that can also work effectively to brighten the skin up by getting rid of dead cells.

7. Pineapple Reduces Dark Spots

Here is another reason why you should use pineapple juice for skin whitening! Pineapple juice contains ascorbic acid, and it can remove almost all types of dark spots from your skin. The ascorbic acid breaks down the dead cells under dark spots and gives your skin a natural, clear, and spotless look.

DIY Pineapple Recipes for Skin Lightening

We are pretty sure; you are now very well aware of how pineapple can be your best beauty buddy. Check this section out to find some amazing DIY skin whitening recipes powered by pineapple.

1. Pineapple Face Mask for Oily Skin

Are you annoyed due to your overly greasy skin? Are you so tired of finding a suitable, softer, all-natural face mask for your oily skin? The biggest challenge with oily skin is to maintain a balance between removing extra oil and providing enough moisture to your skin. Some skin products work as very good moistures, but they can’t control excessive oil. And, some of them are suitable for oily skin, but can’t retain required moisture.

But you can successfully attain that balance by using pineapple for skin lightening. Plus, all other skin benefits of pineapple are already there.

And complimenting pineapple with honey can only maximize the benefits. Honey can also hydrate your skin, along with controlling excessive oil production. Thanks to its amazing antimicrobial properties, honey can also control the acne breakouts. We have also used oatmeal in this recipe, which can’t only collect the excess skin oil, but can soothe your skin as well.

Ingredients You Need:

  • One tbsp pineapple puree
  • Two tbsp each of honey and oatmeal powder

Steps to Follow:

  • Add honey and pineapple puree in a small bowl.
  • Now, add oatmeal powder and mix thoroughly to make a fine paste.
  • Clean your face and apply evenly, focusing more on dark spots.
  • Splash fresh water after 15 minutes.
  • Finish with a gentle skin moisturizer.

 2. Peach and Pineapple Face Mask for Skin Whitening

If you are annoyed with your facial skin’s dryness, you might need this super-soft, moisturizing, and nourishing face pack to replenish your skin properly. The combination of pineapple and peach can be the ultimate solution for dull and tired skin.


Peach is packed with numerous antioxidants, nutrients, and moisture. It keeps your skin hydrated and makes your skin supple, plump, and smooth by working on dry patches. Peach is also very effective natural treatment for fine lines and wrinkles. So, peach can perfectly complement the usage of pineapple for skin.

Ingredients You Need

  • One tbsp pineapple puree
  • Three tbsp mashed peach
  • Powdered milk according to the requirement

How to Make and Use

  • Combine both ingredients evenly in a small bowl.
  • Improve the creamy consistency by adding enough powdered milk, ensuring the combination is not too runny or thick.
  • Now, wear a thick layer of face mask on a clean, dried face.
  • Keep the face mask on for about twenty minutes.
  • Now, splash some lukewarm water and keep removing slowly and gently.
  • Dab a gentle skin cleanser before finishing with a face cream.

6. Special Pineapple Face Mask for Uneven Complexion

If you want to improve your uneven skin complexion, you should go for this particular pineapple face mask for skin whitening. This face mask won’t only improve your skin’s complexion but will do wonders to improve your skin’s tonicity as well.

We recommend aloe vera and tea tree oil as other very goods skin ingredients for uneven skin complexion. Aloe vera is not a new ingredient when we talk about skincare products. It can effectively heal your skin, get rid of small scars, and soothe skin inflammation.

On the other hand, thanks to its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, tea tree oil can also improve your skin’s complexion disturbed by acne, blemishes, pimples, etc.

Ingredients Required to Make this Amazing Pineapple Face Mask for Skin Whitening

  • One tbsp pineapple puree
  • Two tbsp aloe vera gel
  • Two drops of tea tree oil

How to Prepare and Use

  • Transfer all three ingredients in a small bowl.
  • Mix these ingredients constantly until you get a smooth paste.
  • Ensure the face mask is light and runny without any lump.
  • Use a mild face scrub to exfoliate your skin.
  • Wear a thick layer of face mask and keep it on for about ten minutes.
  • Avoid complete drying of face mask by regularly dabbing your face with the mask.
  • Swill the mask off with lukewarm water after about twenty minutes.
  • Give your face a finishing touch with a suitable skin moisturizer.

6. Coconut Oil, Rice, and Pineapple for Skin Whitening

Rice can have surprising effects on your skin. It can be a very suitable ingredient to have a beautiful, toned, spotless, toned, and nourished skin. Rice not only a very good skin exfoliator, thanks to its nourishing capacity, it can also improve unnatural skin dryness.

While pineapple can help you get rid of dark spots and acne marks, coconut oil can complement it perfectly thanks to its nourishing capacities. In addition, coconut oil also forms a protective layer on the skin, rejuvenates, and heals it.

Ingredients You Need

  • One tbsp pineapple juice
  • 3 tbsp cooked rice
  • 2 tbsp coconut oil

Steps to Follow

To maximize the efficacy of pineapple for skin whitening,

  • Take the cooked rice in a small bowl, ensuring it is still hot.
  • Keep the rice mashing while adding coconut oil.
  • Use a fork to beat and mix the rice with coconut oil properly, ensuring there is no lump.
  • Now, add pineapple juice and mix again.
  • Wash your face properly to remove all the dirt.
  • Cover your face with a thick layer of this face mask.
  • Keep the mask on for twenty-odd minutes.
  • Rinse off with lukewarm water before finishing with a gentle face cream.

7. DIY Pineapple Face Mask for Acne

You get some added benefits when you correctly use pineapple for skin whitening. It can effectively control acne breakouts by tackling excess oil production. Various enzymes of pineapple also exfoliate and unclog your skin pores.

We already know how oatmeal can help you in your skin whitening journey, as oatmeal can heal skin irritation and redness. We have used rose water as a complementary ingredient here. Rosewater is very well known for its antimicrobial and antiseptic properties and can improve the healing process after acne breakouts.

Here is How to Use Pineapple for Skin Whitening on Acne-prone Skin 

  • Add 2 tbsp rose water to 1 tbsp pineapple juice and mix evenly for a few seconds.
  • Now, add 2 tbsp oatmeal powder to ensure better consistency.
  • Apply the mixture evenly after washing your facial skin, focusing more on acne breakouts.
  • Wear the mask on your face for about fifteen minutes.
  • Remove very slowly and gently to avoid possible discomfort – Use some more rosewater if the mask gets excessively dried.
  • Appley a chemical-free moisturizer.

Pineapple is packed with a lot of skin benefits, and if you are thinking of using pineapple for skin whitening, we suggest you go ahead. After all, we haven’t only helped you with the amazing benefits of pineapple, we have also suggested some very effective DIY recipes to get soft, supple, and naturally glowing skin finally. You can opt for any of these recipes depending on your skin condition as well as the availability of ingredients. We will surely welcome your comments related to your skin whitening journey. Bless us with your valuable comments