How Much Water To Drink Daily To Lose Weight

Water plays a major role to maintain our body’s health and to be in hydrated state always. As we know our body consists of more than 60% of water. And if you are on a diet or in weight loss program it is really important to know about the amount of water to take regularly.

Drinking water alone will not burn fat but it helps to lose fat in other ways. Drinking certain amount of water throughout the day curbs your appetite and allows you to eat less and further aiding in weight loss efforts.

Importance Of Water

Drinking water helps us in many ways, it helps to protect our organs and tissues, prevents constipation, carries oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body and it also helps to regulate your body temperature.

Some health issues generally occurs due to dehydration, drinking plenty of water can avoid many problems and has heavy impact on metabolism and fat burning process.

Water For Weight Loss

As you know almost 6o % of our body contains water; this is one of the greatest ways to get rid of excess weight.

You may wonder how water can help us in weight loss? Well, drinking water can help you lose weight in two primary ways. The first thing is, it curbs your hunger and makes you feel full, even when you don’t have any food inside your tummy and the second thing is by regulating your metabolism.

There are various ways, when it comes to water consumption. Many people believe that over consumption of water may lead to imbalance of salt content in the body. This also cause disturbance of potassium levels in the body which often leads to vomiting, fatigue, nausea and headaches.

So, what is the required amount of water you have to take regularly when you want to lose your weight?

To know the answer, continue reading the article.

How Much Water To Drink Daily To Lose Weight

As per doctors recommendation 8 ounces of water should be consumed by an individual in a day. But as per several researches, it is always said that one should drink 4 liters of water in a day for beneficial results.

It always depends on the individual, if you are in a weight loss journey. Then you must make yourself comfortable by drinking required amount of water before and after workout.

How Much Water To Drink Daily To Lose Weight

Dehydration after workout may lead to dizziness and headaches. You can also drink water in between your workouts too.

Not only water helps you keep hydrated even fruits and vegetables in the form of juices will also add up the water consumption.

And if you are into daily workouts, then it’s better to take 12 ounces of water to achieve ideal quantity.

Tips To Drink Water For Better Weight Loss Results

Here are some tips to follow to achieve your best for weight loss results.

  • It is important to drink 2 or 3 glasses of warm water in the morning. For beneficial results in weight loss, just add a table spoon of lemon and honey to it.
  • Make sure to drink water even when you are not thirsty if you following a serious diet. It is recommended to drink water in little quantities throughout the day.
  • Drinking one or two glasses of water before having meals will help you to eat less.
  • If you don’t like to have plain water, then add a little amount of mint, lemon, cucumber or any citrus fruits to enhance the flavor.
  • Whenever hunger pangs kicks you, when you are on diet, then pick up the bottle and drink water and avoid cold beverages at any cost.

These are some tips which may help you for better weight loss in your body. So, from now follow these tips and drink more water as recommended to maintain good health as well as wealth.

These Tips Can Help You Reduce up to 34 Inches of Belly without Exercise

Sticking to a conventional diet and exercise plan can be difficult, but there are several tips that can help you mindlessly to eat few calories.

There are many effective ways to reduce your weight, as well as to prevent weight gain in future. From drinking water to turning up the music.

Follow the tips below for better results

Tips to reduce Belly Fat with Diet

  • Little changes in diet may go a long way. switch whole milk for skimmed milk, swap your ice cream, sodas for lime water and buttermilk.
  • Eat food in regular intervals and keep a gap of two hours between your last meal and sleeping.
  • You can minimize your water retention by avoiding sodium intake and increase your fiber intake by consuming more whole grain products.
  • If you want to reduce your stomach, don’t skip breakfast because when you skip meals your body metabolism slows down which forces the body to break down muscle tissues for energy and conserve fat.
  • Avoid junk food, chips and cookies at any cost.

Tips to Reduce Belly Fat with your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle often determines your health, so maintain healthy lifestyle:

First thing that you should keep in mind is that proper sleep goes  long way ensuring that your waistline stays under check.

It is important to sleep for 7-8 hours for optimal weight management. This is not only useful for temporary weight loss but also helps in your future too.

People who have full night’s sleep tend to feel less hungry throughout the day.

Stress is a big thing which causes fat to collect around your tummy and makes it difficult to reduce tummy. When you take too much stress, your body secretes hormones cortisol which leads to fat-build up.

These Tips Can Help You Reduce up to 34 Inches of Belly without Exercise

This fat build up happens around the organs in the abdominal cavity, staying stress free helps you in reducing tummy fat quickly.

Avoid sitting at one place for a long duration.

Many people feel enthusiastic while starting a new exercise at the beginning but lose interest in the mid way. So instead of stopping those activities, inculcate those activities as a way of life.

Some of the tips without diet and exercise

Many of us don’t have time to exercise daily instead we can lose tummy weight by following these simple tips:

Store unhealthy food out of sight

Storing unhealthy foods may increase carvings and hunger when you see them; this is linked to weight gain.

Store unhealthy foods out of sight such as high on cupboards, this may help to not catch your eye when you’re hungry.

Eat fiber rich foods

Fiber intake helps in reducing weight loss and increases fullness of your tummy.

Viscous fiber is one of the richest foods in fiber which is found in plants. Examples of rich fiber foods are beans, sprouts, oranges, flax seeds.

Chew thoroughly

Chewing your food thoroughly will make to eat more slowly, which results in decreasing intake of food and increased fullness in smaller portions.

Fast eaters may gain weight easily compared to slow eaters which is founded in recent studies.

Eat plenty of protein

Proteins help in increasing the fullness and reducing the feeling of hunger and help you to eat fewer calories.

Increasing protein intake from 15% to 20% helps to eat 441 fewer calories per day and lose 11 pounds in 12 weeks.

Reduce the intake of sugars

Sugary beverages have been associated with an increased rate of several diseases. And it’s very easy to take sugary drinks instead of taking solid food items.

Avoiding these beverages completely will help you enormously in long term health benefits.

Benefits of Hoodia Gordonii

Hoodia gardonii is popularly exposed these days which can be found mostly in South Africa and Namibia. It is a spiny succulent that similarly looks like a cactus and it’s a leafless plant which has many medical properties. This plant is mainly used for controlling body weight.

As it’s not a well known plant in Asian countries because here obesity is not a big deal because of the food habits and the life style we have. But, partially the obesity is spreading its roots in these places too, where America and European countries’ have major issues.

From the last few years the use of hoodia has been increased instantly and all the hoodia products are available in the market through raw materials, medicines, juices and it is considerably popular in suppressing hunger and reducing weight gain.

Before knowing about the benefits of this wonderful plant we need to know about the uses and functions of hoodia gordonii.

What is hoodia gordonii?

Hoodia gordonii has fleshy, rubbed and thorny stems; this can grow up to 50cm in height. It takes up to five years for the flowers to produce the plant. Because of  long harvesting time it is much expensive compared to the other herbal plants.Although it looks like a cactus but it belongs to asclepiad plant family which has quit the variety.

Use of plant

From several years it used as stave off hunger and thirst while hunting and looking for food. The active ingredient in hoodia is a suppressing molecule, P57 or oxypregnane steroidal glycoside P57AS3, the energy molecule plays a role in hunger control. P57 is used as anti-obesity drug and it is responsible for appetite regulation.

Benefits of Hoodia

Benefits of Hoodia Gordonii


Most of the anti-obesity drugs may help you reduce the weight but gives you another disease as they are associated with many harmful side effects. Hoodia is the natural remedy found several years ago for the one suffering from obesity. Hoodia is made available in capsules and drink for the people who urges to lose obesity. Unlike others it doesn’t causes any side effects because it is prepared with the natural ingredients.

The dose of hoodia is generally 1200 grams on an empty stomach or if you take the pill then it should be taken before breakfast with a glassful of plain water. Strictly avoid overdosing of hoodia even if you skipped for some times.


Pregnant ladies should not use hoodia, better to have consultation with doctor before starting the use of this beneficial medication.

Stomach disorders

Hoodia helps in tackling stomach disorders like indigestion, hemorrhoids etc. Hoodia is an natural plant which doesn’t have any side effects and it is the best alternative of pharmaceutical drugs which helps you in maintaining  good health.


Hoodia can be used as anti-diabetic pill; it helps in decreasing glycogenolysis and glucogenolosis. It also helps in retardation of proteolysis and promotion of protein synthesis and storage of fatty acids. Hoodia gordonii may also helps in improving the functionality of liver contributing positivity towards controlling diabetes.

Products of hoodia gardonii

Due to its incredible demand many companies and laboratories came up with pills and capsules and other components which contain hoodia gardonii.

Some of the hoodia products are mentioned below:

Hoodia tea

Green tea helps in boosting your metabolism because it contains high number of catechin polyphenols.Green tea also inhibits the fat absorption and helps in glucose regulation.Hoodia and green tea are great tools to help you to lose your weight.

Hoodia pops

Can you imagine a lollipop will help you in weight loss? This lollipop helps in suppressing appetite, food cravings, increase energy levels and burning fat in a safe and a natural way.

The unique delivery of natural ingredients is the most superior form of delivery over capsules or pills. By the time a person will consume a pop, the natural ingredients will absorbed the hunger suppressed. A powerful pop can drastically reduce the in between meal cravings and give you energy.

Hoodia P57

P57 is the ingredient in hoodia used in suppressing appetite.The ingredient P57 is a nucleotide that releases energy during metabolism break down. Hoodia helps in reducing the intake of calories and curb appetite.

Hoodia Complex

Hoodia complex is a specific purpose of suppressing appetite and huger while providing your body with anti oxidants.It is a medical preparation containing natural herbs.This is a formulated blend of thermogenic herbs to boost energy levels and supports sugar metabolism.It also includes few minerals and vitamins and may also include gymnema leaves and cocoa seeds.

Side effects of hoodia

Increased bleeding

Hoodia may increase bleeding at times as per the intake of drugs; you bleed readily which is known as coagulation. Stop taking excess amount of hoodia if you find any defects while you continuing with this drug.

Gastrointestinal distress

Over consumption of hoodia may also lead to the gastrointestinal distress which may cause stomach ache, vomiting, headaches and diarrhea.

Liver damage

If you are facing any difficulties in the liver then you should avoid taking hoodia because it makes the liver cells to die.

Drug interactions

Hoodia may affect the intake of drugs for diabetes, cholesterol, lower blood pressure. Hoodia make your veins to dilate which leads to drop your blood pressure to dangerous levels, particularly if you are already taking the drugs of lower blood pressure.

Appetite suppression and malnutrition

Hoodia helps in individuals who want to shed their weight by depending on appetite suppression properties. In history the Africans used to take for controlling hunger while they are hunting. But our body needs nutrition’s to function properly and healthfully, skipping meals also leads in weight loss which results in malnutrition.

Important information about Hoodia

  • People who have diabetes, heart issues and blood pressure should not take hoodia without doctor’s consultation.
  • The FDA has not evaluated hoodia for purity, effectiveness and safety, therefore risks and advantages should be taken before using it.

For anyone with a history of blood clotting or bleeding disorder may increase the effect of it. They have to get medical guidance before supplementing with hoodia.

Apple Cider Vinegar for 60 Days Can Eliminate These Health Problems

Just take 1 table spoon of apple cider vinegar for 60 days, can eliminate these common health problems. Taking small amount of raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar for just 2 months can help you to put some health trouble behind you.

Apple cider vinegar is also known as vinegar or ACV. It is a type of vinegar made from cider or apples; it may have a pale to medium amber color.

I believe mostly people are familiar with at least 2 health benefits that apple cider vinegar provides.

Apple cider vinegar is used as a cosmetic product to beautify the skin & white teeth. It also serves as wonderful purpose to green household cleaner.

Benefits of taking Apple Cider Vinegar

  • Apple cider vinegar helps in ingestion.
  • Lower the blood pressure.
  • Improves diabetes & support weight loss.
  • It contains high amount of powerful healing compounds, such as acetic acid, potassium, magnesium, probiotics & enzymes.

Apple Cider Vinegar stabilizes Blood Sugar Levels

Studies has confirmed that patient with diabetes can have significant benefits from apple cider vinegar. The 1st group of patients are the one who  take insulin, they can take 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar before going to bed at night. Next day morning the blood sugar level will become lower.

The 2nd group of patients consists of insulin resistant. They take apple cider vinegar diluted in water before their meal, after the meal the sugar levels can be measured and the result also shows that the sugar level is reduced.

5 benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

Apple Cider Vinegar for 60 Days Can


1 Boost Stomach Acid Production

Apple cider vinegar is rich in acetic acid. It has been clinically shown to boost stomach acid production in folks with low HCL production. Having little amount of HCL is critical for digestion and immune health. Major role of HCL is to activate non digested food, it has been known that Acid in the stomach gradually increases during a meal.

2 Healthy Cholesterol

Many studies have revealed that ACV can protect cholesterol from oxidation; it is main risk of high cholesterol. ACV can also support healthy cholesterol & triglycerides.

3 Healthy Weight Loss

Many studies have proved that ACV can support healthy weight loss. ACV can also reduce the amount of calories consumed. The acetic acid can also reduce the feeling of hunger, & to speed up metabolism & also eliminate excess water from the body. More over these 3 ingredients helps to reduce the weight loss, ACV influence the digestion of starch, & reducing the calories.

4 Healthy Blood Sugar

Many studies have been proved that ACV has strong anti-glycemic, healthy blood sugar supporting properties.

5 Blood Pressure Support

It has been found out  that ACV can support blood pressure levels by increasing the absorption of calcium from the large intensives, which is linked to lower blood pressure.


  • ACV is not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Patients with Dioxin, insulin, diuretics should exercise caution, as these medicines can lower the potassium levels.

How to Use Turmeric Tea for Weight Loss – 5 DIY Methods

Habitually turmeric tea is called as golden milk and it is generally made with dairy milk.Turmeric is an easily accessible spice in Asian cuisine, which is used meanwhile old times.


This is immensely calming fermentation organized from freshly peeled and nettled turmeric roots or good quality turmeric powder which boosts your health in a number of ways.

Turmeric tea is the perky yellow spice that gives mustards and curries their vivid color. In raw form turmeric it is just like a little root mechanism that is related to ginger, only a profound vivid orange intimated is in turmeric.

The color of turmeric is consequently strong that it was initially used as a dye, but turmeric tea has also been used in India as healing drink for thousands of years. Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory as well as natural pain killer for all the individuals. The fat person’s will love this turmeric tea which is absolutely most effective in their weight loss.

Turmeric Tea for Weight Loss

Turmeric is having the powerful anti-inflammatory properties, so using turmeric tea will help you to lose your weight about 10 pounds in only just 1 week. This tea will also recover your overall health

Turmeric tea is very much effective because of its thermogenic effects that quicken the metabolism in your body and also help your body to burn the fat faster, which is also resulting in safest methods for losing your weight.

Turmeric tea can be also helping you to treat digestive and significantly reduce inflammation in the body. For achieving your weight loss goals one as well as long term health and wellness, it is recommended for adding a high potency organic turmeric supplement in your daily diet.

Is Turmeric Tea Good for Weight Loss?

The following are some of Health Benefits of Turmeric Tea:

  • It avoids cardiovascular diseases due to its anti-inflammatory effects and it is suggested for the people those who have a pacemaker or have bypass surgeries.
  • Consuming turmeric root can control blood sugar levels and avoid diabetes.
  • Turmeric tea help to treat inflammation caused from injuries such as acne, eczema, psoriasis etc.
  • This tea is encumbered with many powerful antioxidants that preserve deadly disease such as multiple sclerosis, cancer, hyper cholesterol.
  • It plays a significant role in boosting your immune system.
  • Turmeric is best recognized for its capability to put a stop to blood clotting.
  • It works as an antidepressant and even can lift you mood immediately.
  • Turmeric is prodigious for reimbursement and growth of new cerebral cells in your body.

How to Use Turmeric Tea for Weight Loss

The following are home remedies of using turmeric tea for weight loss

How to Use Turmeric Tea for Weight Loss

1 Basic Turmeric Tea

  • Take a bowl and add 4 cups of water.
  • Turn on the stove and let the water to start boil.
  • Now add 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder into the boiling water and simmer the flame.
  • About 10 to 15 minutes simmer the flame.
  • After waiting for 15 minutes, now take it out of the flame and strain the liquid.
  • Add lemon juice or honey (optional) for good taste.
  • Drink this tea every day before going to bed.

2 Spicy Turmeric Tea

  • Take a bowl, add 2 cups of water and boil it.
  • Once water start boiling add 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder, 1 pinch of nutmeg powder, 2 teaspoons of turmeric and 1 pinch of clove powder.
  • Put the cover over the bowl and simmer the flame.
  • Now simmer the flame for 10 to 15 minutes and then pressure the concoction.
  • Finally add almond milk or fresh coconut milk and honey to make this tea.
  • Your spicy turmeric tea is ready; drink this tea every day for good results.

3 Turmeric Tea with Fat free Milk

  • Take a bowl, add 1 cup of fat free milk into it.
  • Heat the milk in average flame for about 5 to 7 minutes.
  • Now add 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder into the milk.
  • Stir well after adding turmeric powder into the milk.
  • Finally pour this well stirred milk into the glass.
  • Drink this tea daily for good results in weight loss.

4 Turmeric Tea with Ginger

  • Take a bowl and add 1 ½ cup of water into it.
  • Now add 1 teaspoon of fresh turmeric paste and ½ teaspoon of fresh turmeric paste.
  • After adding ginger and turmeric paste boil the water.
  • Proximately turn off the heat and let this tea to cool down at room temperature.
  • Strain it before drinking.
  • For good results drink this tea every night before sleeping.

5 Turmeric and Garlic Shot for Weight Loss

  • Take a glass and add 90 ml water
  • Now add 1 teaspoon of fresh turmeric paste followed by ½ teaspoon of fresh garlic clove paste and lemon juice.
  • Stir these pastes well till it forms a soft liquid.
  • Finally drink this mixture in one sip.
  • For good results drink this mixture in your daily routine.


Anything which is consumed too much can be very bad for your health and the same opinion applies to turmeric here. To begin with, it is never a good idea to take supplements of anything when you can easily find in an organic from. Do try to use turmeric powder, or better yet,you can also use the raw turmeric roots as a replacement for of taking supplements.

  • One must be careful about the dosage and it is suggested to limit your daily turmeric ingestion to 1,500 mg, for good result 500 mg is sufficient.
  • There are many people those who suffer from allergic reactions to turmeric. So first talk with your doctors before consuming turmeric.
  • As turmeric increases the bile production which is usually stored in gall bladder. Greater than before bile secretion can exaggerate gallbladder complications and can even form stones in the gallbladder.
  • Though turmeric is anti-inflammatory, it can also turn as a stimulant of gastric acid secretion.
  • If any of you is suffering from acid reflux or hyperacidity, then slightly acidic turmeric might be results in worsen the condition.
  • Just after consuming turmeric if you feel any distress or pain then, immediately access your doctor or physician.

5 Ways to Lose Tummy Fat Fast

Belly fat is one of the most common problem faced by people which lower down their confidence or even make them embarassed. Most of the women find it difficult to fit into their desired clothes just because of their fat belly. Tummy fat is the most common thing which happens to women post pregnancy.

When pallid fat increases in your abdomen, it sets you up for a number of solemn health problem. This type of fat is called visceral fat. When you do not take proper care,tummy fat may lead to many health issues.

A flat tummy can be easily achieved and that too without going out of your home. Regularly follow the below mentioned tips inorder to get rid of tummy fat.

The following are the 5 ways to lose the tummy fat fast

1 Short Bursts of Exercises


Thousand crunches in a night might get you muscular abdominal muscles, but with a full layer of the fat on top you will  not be getting the results which you actually want. As an alternative of all those crunches, you should do exercises that engage various muscle groups and also it will work for your cardiovascular system.

Try planking anywhere where you can hold yourself in a push up situation, quiescent your forearms on the ground. Try these holdings for 4 to 5 for 30 seconds each for good results. Moving throughout the day by going for a walk will be also help you to lose your tummy fat.

The reason for burst training works is only because it will be producing a unique metabolic response in your body. Irregular sprinting will cause your body to not burn as much as fat during exercise but after completing the exercise your metabolism stays elevated and it will continue to burn fat for the next 24 hours.

2 Sugar is your Enemy, avoid Sugar Sweetened drinks

avoid Sugar Sweetened drinks

The liquid calories will be not getting registered by the brain in the same way as solid calories, so when your drink is sugar sweet beverages you should end up eating more calories for losing your belly fat. Some of the studies have showed that sugar sweetened beverages are concurrent to a 60% of increased risk in children’s of obesity.

You should make decision to minimize the amount of the sugar in your diet. If you are having sugar in your diet then you must replace your calorie loaded latte with a Muscle Milk lite, because it is having zero sugar. Instead of this you can also use cinnamon in your diet by sprinkling the cinnamon on food that you are going to take.

In order to attain the desired results try to avoid sugar and glucose as much as possible. Check the sugar count in each food item that you want to consume. Avoid food items like chocolates, sweets, canned juices, bakery items etc.

3 Sufficient Sleep

One must think twice if he wants to work late at night. Whenever your biorhythms are off, you are ending up and eating more food. So when you are tried your body will produce ghrelin that will trigger cravings for sugar and other fat buildings foods.

Losing sleep can also modify your hormone production that will be affecting your cortisol levels which can cause insulin sensitivity. A major reason for the belly fat is attainment about 7 hours sleep a night. It is one of the best things that you can do for shaping your body goals.

The more ghrelin you will be producing, the more you stimulate hunger while also falling the quantity of the calories you have burn. You need to control ghrelin and leptin to successfully fat lose.

4 Eat Fat and Vitamin C

Eat Fat and Vitamin C

Yes, you have to take some of the fats for burning out of the fats from your body. Consume good fats which are rich in omega 3’s like avocados, walnuts and salmon. These fats contain full of nutrients that will be helping you lose your belly fat.

Vitamin c helps to equilibrium the cortisol spikes that happens you when you are under the stress. Vitamin C is also necessary for building carnitine which is a compound that is used by the metabolism to turn the fat into the liquid form. You must consume more and more oranges, which is rich in Vitamin C.

5 Slowing Down Your Breath

This is an easy process that you can do even when you are in the midst of doing your work. When you will be feeling stressed out and bothered at that time do check and observe, how you are breathing. Generally most of the people under the stress  swap of holding their breath with the short breaths.

Later when you are aware of your own breathing, intentionally calm down your belly and also slow down the breathing. This will be working very well only if you are focusing on slowing down the exhalation rather than your lungful of air.

These are easy ways to lose the tummy fat which are easy as well as effective.

Check for benefits of Green Tea



5 ways to loose tummy fat fast

Dandelion Tea for Weight Loss

How Dandelion is effective and beneficial in weight loss?

Dandelion is a blooming plant having a place with the Taraxacum species. Despite the fact, dandelion is viewed as a weed in many patio nurseries, it is completely palatable and furthermore an imperative herb in traditional medication.

Despite the fact that dandelion is native to North America, Europe and Asia, it is additionally now ordinarily found in all aspects of the world.

Despite the fact that a garden weed, most plant specialists promote the development of dandelion. This is on account as it is an astounding companion plant that has different advantages.

Some of these advantages incorporate raising required supplements to the top layers of the dirt for plants with shallow roots to utilize; drawing in pollinating creepy insects with its splendid blooms; adding different supplements particularly nitrogen to the dirt; and releasing ethylene gas to hasten the maturing of fruits.

Dandelion Tea for Weight Loss

Dandelion has traditionally been utilized to make diverse beverages including wine and sans caffeine espresso. It is additionally a key element of root beer.

Dandelion is rich in supplements. It is a decent source of the considerable number of vitamins with the exception of vitamin D. It additionally contains sodium, calcium, potassium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, iron and zinc.

Dandelion contains proteins and in addition sugars. Of its starch content, just a little is taken up by sugars and the mass by dietary fiber.

This high dietary fiber content adds to the laxative and detoxifying properties of dandelion.

How Dandelion Extract can Promote Weight Loss?

Some additionally assert its activities as a stomach related aid and detoxifier may equally add to this.

Dandelion remove as a weight reduction herb is broadly promoted among muscle heads who need to shed some water weight.

The diuretic properties of dandelion are now confirmed and very much well-studied as well. One such review was distributed in 2009 in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.


This pilot concentrate utilized a leaf concentrate of dandelion and included 17 volunteers. Before giving these volunteers the dandelion extract, the scientists initially settled the volunteers’ pattern liquid admission and pee volumes. They were then given 8 ml of the dandelion separate 3 times day by day for one day and afterward observed for an additional 24 hours.

The outcomes demonstrated that the dandelion extricate expanded the recurrence of pee and the volume of pee.

Despite the fact that dandelion extract promotes diuresis and can help shed some water weight, it is doubtful it can bring about weight reduction in most overweight individuals.

Dandelion can be joined with other dietary supplements or sold alone, it is accessible in various dosage forms including as tea, tincture, fluid extract, capsule and tablet.

Dandelion is additionally sold as dried leaves, leaf squeeze and dried roots. The dose relies on upon the form in which the herb is provided.

Grown-up Doses of Dandelion tea for Weight Loss

  • Tea produced using dried leaves – 1 – 2 teaspoonful taken 3 times day by day (4 – 10 grams day by day). To set up the tea implantation, pour boiling hot water on the dried leaves and let them soak for 5 – 10 minutes
  • Tea produced using dried roots – ½ – 2 teaspoonful taken 3 times day by day. To set up the root decoction, put the dried roots in bubbling water, and let them soak for 5 – 10 minutes before straining.
  • Standardized powdered leaf extract (4:1) – 500 mg taken 1 – 3 times day by day
  • Standardized powdered root separate (4:1) – 500 mg taken 1 – 3 times day by day
  • Leaf tincture (1:5 in 30% liquor) – 30 – 60 drops taken 3 times day by day
  • Root tincture (1:2 in 45% liquor) – 30 – 60 drops taken 3 times day by day

Despite the fact, dandelion is a secure food for youngsters, you ought to counsel your specialist before offering it to a take as a supplement.

Dandelion extracts ought to be kept away from individuals who are sensitive to iodine or related plants, for example, ragweed, yarrow, chrysanthemum, marigold and daisies.

Other than potassium-saving diuretics, dandelion concentrate may likewise not be utilized with some different medications.

Medications to stay away incorporate acid neutralizers (dandelion expands the levels of stomach corrosive), anticoagulants (dandelion builds the danger of dying), lithium (dandelion declines the reactions of lithium), ciprofloxacin (one types of dandelion lessened the assimilation of the medication) and against diabetic medications (dandelion likewise brings down glucose levels and may build the danger of hypoglycemia).

In conclusion, since dandelion is a diuretic, it can shorten the time a medication spends in the body by accelerating its elimination in the pee. Hence, individuals put on different medications ought to counsel their specialists before beginning on dandelion supplements.

Allowed it can create automatic weight reduction brings about edema patients, most cases of obesity is brought on by fat amassing in the body. Therefore, since its extract does not increase fat metabolism or thermogenesis, its weight loss claims are not very strong.

This does not imply that its extract does not have some weight reduction potential. It implies that its weight reduction impact is no doubt not strong, and that the herb ought not be taken as the main supplement to lose weight.

Still, there are many weight loss supplements that incorporate its extract. This is on account of it can make some involvement to weight loss. It may not influence stored fat in the body but what it does (promoting diuresis) can prompt the loss of some body weight.

This is how Dandelion Tea for Weight Loss is beneficial; one can go with the above-mentioned usage in order to use this in a beneficial manner.

Honey for Losing Weight

What are the ingredients can be used with honey for losing weight?

The advantages of honey for the most part apply to get-healthy plans. In case, you are endeavoring to get more fit, honey can be uncommonly valuable, however, before we discuss the benefits of honey in weight lessening, we should address a few the stresses that people much of the time have as for honey.

Many individuals seek: Isn’t honey a type of sugar? Doesn’t it add to weight pick up? Won’t the calories in honey discredit weight reduction attempts?

That is right, since honey contains sugar. In any case, not at all like refined sugar, honey contains gainful vitamins and minerals too. Refined table sugar, which individuals regularly use to sweeten their food, is viewed as a source of “exhaust calories”, implying that there is no ulterior advantage to eating them.

Usually, to process sugar, vitamins and minerals stored in the body are used, which goes through a large number of these fundamental supplements. These supplements are basic to dissolve fats and cholesterol, so ingesting unadulterated sugar is to some degree wasteful.

Honey for Losing Weight
Therefore, when you eat excessively sugar, you tend to put on weight in view of the calories as well as from the consequent absence of vitamins and minerals. Honey balances this effect since it is a decent source of supplements that help people in their attempts to get more fit.

Honey contains supplements, for instance, protein, water, essentialness, fiber, sugars and diverse vitamins and minerals. It contains minerals, for instance, squeeze, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc and calcium. Nectar is a better than average wellspring of vitamins that join folate, niacin, riboflavin, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B6.

For individuals who are overweight or fat, honey not just decreases danger of cardiovascular issue, it additionally does not build the body weight.

Discoveries of research study recommend that utilization of honey may help in decreasing cholesterol when contrasted with sugar. It additionally prompts the lower increment in plasma glucose levels.

Advantages Of Honey In Relation To Weight Loss

Honey and Warm Water

Typically, fat stays as an unused asset in the body, including mass and weight, but it is trusted that honey can activate this stored fat. At the point, when this fat is burned to give vitality to your day by day activities, you will see a continuous abatement in weight and alleviation from the issues of heftiness.

Honey has additionally been appeared to decidedly expand the levels of “good” cholesterol in the body, and furthermore diminishes cardiovascular strain, which implies you can lead a more dynamic, strong life, which will additionally advance your health improvement plans,

since you won’t be stressed as significantly over arthrosclerosis, or the danger of heart assaults or strokes while going for a morning run! Examine recommends that drinking honey (around one tablespoon every day), with an equivalent measure of warm water can invigorate this useful procedure.

Honey and Lemon Juice


Honey can similarly help in weight reduction when overwhelmed by warm water and lemon juice. Many individuals drink this equation as a beginning to their day as a method for weight reduction. Honey is packed with 22 amino acids and different noteworthy vitamins and minerals, various which advantages the body’s processing.

By controlling the capacity of the digestion, food is used legitimately, fat is changed over into usable energy, and general health is enhanced.

The lemon squeeze in this blend similarly is stacked with Vitamin-C (otherwise called ascorbic corrosive), which expands liver capacity and fat digestion. Besides, lemon juice expands the capacity of glutathione, which is key cell reinforcement for detoxification and fast thinning.

Consolidating the weight reduction forces of lemon juice with the digestion empowering impacts of honey, this remedy, if drunk once every day, can give you some truly appealing outcomes!

Honey and Cinnamon


Another well known formula joins cinnamon with honey and warm water. Studies show that the utilization of cinnamon is helpful for weight reduction.

Blend one tablespoon of cinnamon powder with one tablespoon of honey and some warm water. Altogether blend these fixings and drink it on an empty stomach.

Cinnamon has additionally been appeared to have a directing impact on glucose levels, and the digestion of glucose. High glucose levels can provoke extended stockpiling of fat in the body, so cinnamon emphatically influences weight lessening. Joined with the digestion energy of honey, this blend can be an intense lift to your weight reduction endeavors.

Studies have not obviously clarified how this blend helps in weight reduction, but many individuals claim to have seen positive outcomes from its standard utilization.

Hibernation Diet

With the greater part of the new eating methodologies that jump up each year, it is hard to know which one will profit your body and weight reduction endeavors. One part of the hibernation eating routine to get more fit is to take a spoonful of honey before going to bed.

As you rest, the honey will keep empowering liver capacity, keep your digestion consuming fat, and facilitating the measure of stress hormones which are in your immune system. As the name suggests, it helps you sleep in a solid and unwinding way!

Enhances Digestion

Honey similarly enhances your assimilation, which can help in decreasing static weight in your stomach related system. In this manner, honey can be devoured after meal, especially after eating a large meal.

Great Substitute of Sugar

Honey is a decent substitute of sugar. It can be utilized as a part of various refreshments, for example, tea, lime juice. Among other food things, it can be utilized as a part of treats, hotcakes rather than sugar. One may add honey to oats, nutty spread sandwich for extra supplements, great taste and a lower danger of weight pick up.

Many individuals quit eating to diminish their weight, but this is a conceivably hazardous practice. In case, you don’t eat enough food, which is the essential method for getting calories, vitamins, minerals, and fiber, your immune system will debilitate.

Your health development plan ought to concentrate on lessening the admission of calories, as opposed to ceasing the admission of calories. Besides, you ought to similarly build your day by day end of calories through normal exercise. In this way, the given ingredients can be used with Honey for Losing Weight.

Black Tea for Weight Loss

Drinking tea might be serving you to lose weight, new investigation has found-but the effects are annulled out if you add milk. Scientists have discovered that tea contains high levels of compounds that as new research have found that the drinking of the tea can help you to lose weight.

But the effects are cancelled out if you add milk in the tea. Scientists have discovered that tea contains high levels of compounds that will help to reduce the amount of fat absorbed by the gut and can also cut cholesterol. However, proteins found in cows’ milk neutralise this fat fighting ability.

More than 80% of all tea consumed in the US is black tea. Black tea is packed with many nutrients that are slightly different from those in green and white teas but like green black tea is linked to weight loss. You will get the same benefits from caffeine in both types of tea.

Black Tea

And unique black tea flavonoids show promises that help you to drop extra pounds. But you will get the biggest impact by using black tea to replace high calorie beverages. For a Variety of reasons, black tea can contribute to the weight loss as long as you drink it unsweetened.

Although this makes it an inexpensive and effective weight loss supplement, unsweetened black tea can be hard on the palate. A squeeze of lemon juice adds flavour to make it easier to drink, without injecting so many calories that it derails your weight loss efforts.

Black Tea Flavonoids Support Weight Loss

A set of plant based antioxidants called flavonoids, or polyphenols are accountable for many of the health benefits associated with tea. All types of tea are made from the same plant leaves. Which are containing a group of flavonoids called catechins. In green tea, the primary flavonoids are catechins.

When the leaves are further processed to produce black tea, the catechins form new flavonoids called theaflavins and thearubigins. Black tea possibly will keep hold of a small amount of catechins, excluding its health benefits come from the new flavonoids.

Research available consequently faraway suggest that black tea has the probable to support weight loss. The Digestive enzyme lipase is inhibited in laboratory animals the consume black tea flavonoids. Since fats are not digested without lipase, some dietary fats are eliminated from the body rather than absorbed.

When lab pests were fed a high fat diet, the animal’s reception a higher dose of black tea polyphenols lost more weight than the group that got fewer polyphenols.

The health benefits of black tea have been well documented for a quite some time, and if you are thinking of adding more black tea to your diet, then its health benefits likely to have played a big part in your decision.

Another differed is that the flavour among the other teas.

Black Tea Reduces Calorie Consumption

Further than the probable benefits of polyphenols and caffeine, black tea will lend a hand you to lose weight if you use it as a replacement for high calorie beverages. Only one cup of black tea only has 2 calories. Yet if you add a teaspoon of honey, it still only has 23 calories.

If you swallow any category of sweetened cola ahs 103 calories, but retain information that a can of soda contains 12 ounces, which adds another 52 calories. And if you get a large soda at the local fast food restaurant. You will consume 413 calories, reports the US Department of Agriculture.

Drinking water before a meal promotes a feeling of fullness, which helps some people eat less. 2 studies in print in the journal obesity found that subjects who drank hot or cold water before a meal lost more weight, when compared to participants who did not drink any beverages.

You will also temporarily burn a few additional calories as the body metabolizes water. Even though these studies only used plain water, drinking a cup of tea deliver comparable reimbursement.

Black Tea Promotes Fat Loss

Black tea got its name because the tea leaves turn black during the oxidation process that will develops new flavonoids. Which it’s brewed, black tea develops a reddish colour, which is why it’s called red tea in china.

Chinese black tea or pu-erh tea is completed from the same tea leaves, excluding the leaves are fermented by microbes and matured over an extended period of time. As a result, pu-erh tea has a unique flavour and it also contains flavonoids called the brownins and gallic acid.

Researchers bring into being that study participants who drank pu-erh tea pull out lost more weight and abdominal fat than the group that did not drink the tea. But this study only had 36 subjects, so their results may not apply to other people.

Caffeine Boosts Metabolism to Lose Weight

When you drink a cup of regular black tea, you will get 30 to 80 milligrams of caffeine. It is only taking about 50 milligrams of caffeine to increase the amount of energy in your body uses while you are at rest, according to a research study in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

At the same time as readily available is no way to decide that the exact effects on body weight, caffeine increased basal metabolism by 6 percent in the 12 study participants. Caffeine is also promoting the lipolysis and it also stimulates the cycle that metabolize fats in your body.

In fact research indicates that countries with high black tea consumption have lower levels of obesity. Black tea helps to regulate blood sugar levels in your body and also it is leaving you feeling more balanced and satisfied and craving fewer sweets.

The caffeine in black tea may also enhance weight loss and black tea is having antioxidants that they give boost to metabolism and also help the body to burn the fats more effectively.

As such, black tea possibly will be a positive adding together to your overall weight loss plan along with staying energetic, and making wise food choices and attainment of plenty rest.

Black Tea for Weight Loss

Lemon Tea for Weight Loss

Lemon tea offers a variety of weights loss benefits. Including low-calorie drinks lemon tea in your diet will also help you to manage your weight by reducing the number of calories you will consume.

In totaling jointly to weight loss reimbursement, lemon tea include phytochemicals that will help you to fight health conditions like heart disease, cancer and osteoporosis. It is a soothing drink that hydrates and boosts immunity. Tea with lemon is very healthful to drink that almost have a calorie-free, that will makes it an ideal drink for a weight loss diet.

Tea itself, especially green tea, may also have some effects on weight loss, but don’t count on it as your main strategy for slimming down. If you get pleasure from lemon tea, integrate it into a weight loss plan that includes a reduced-calorie diet and exercise.

Increase Weight Loss Effects with Lemon

Once you will be brewed your green tea, and then you will be adding a splash of lemon juice and other vitamin C rich foods, it may increase the amount of valuable polyphenols in your body attract from the tea, according to a Purdue University study available in food research International in 2010.
Lemon Tea for Weight Loss

emotive in a modest sugar or honey may increase amalgamation even more, but be careful not to add too much because these sweeteners can add a significant number of calories to an otherwise calorie-free beverage.

A teaspoon of lemon juice is having only 3 calories, but each teaspoon of sugar has 15 calories and each teaspoon of honey has 21 calories. Increasing your vitamin C intake also may have other weight loss benefits, as well.

There are a number of who are overwhelming more vitamin C tend to burn more body fat during exercise, according to an article in the journal of the American College of Nutrition in 2005.

If you are not a fan of lemon in your tea, there are plenty of other ways to use lemon juice are there to burn the body fats. Squeeze a slice or two over fish or seafood to give the food more flavour, add lemon juice to your water or use it to make as salad dressing along with a little olive and Dijon mustard.

A mix of garlic, lemon, olive oil and herbs or spices makes a delicious marinade for fish or poultry.

How to lose Weight Using Lemon Tea

Don’t add any cream or sugar to your lemon tea then only it will be beneficial to you to burn your body fats. Sugar is high in calories and the cream is also containing saturated fat which can also increase your weight. When you add milk to your tea, it dilutes the lemon tea’s reimbursements.

To keep your lemon tea calorie free skip adding sugar, honey or cream in it. The energizing lemon flavor adds zero calories to your tea.

You can also make cold or hot lemon tea. It offers the same reimbursements. You may also choose to make steaming mug on a cold day or fill it with ice and enjoy iced lemon on a hot day especially in summer season.

Resting on one should aspire to drink at least one, or if you can handle, two cups of lemon tea every day. Lemon tea weight loss advantage is surplus and also this is not having any side effects.

Important Things to Remember

Lemon tea alone cannot help you to lose your weight. Though, with a diet plan an exercise routine in your day, it can positively provide you with the much needed boost in the direction of weight loss. Exercise is a must you want to have a healthy and fit body.

So aim to exercise for at least 20- 25 minutes every day is must for one who wants to loss their weight. Choose actions that you enjoy performing. This will ensure that exercise does not get mundane and you remain motivated about achieving your goal.

Lemon tea helps condense the probability of unnecessary weight gain by helping you to lose weight successfully as you are not taking any liquid calories. So, now that you know how to make lemon tea for weight loss, let us know if you will give this a try.

If you have already used lemon tea to reduce your weight, tell us about your experience here. For those of you who have just begun using lemon tea.

Reduces Sugar Intake

Lemon is known to have a natural sourness, therefore as an alternative of using sugar in your tea use lemon. The uses of lemon in your tea has helping you to consume few calories and hence reduce sugar consumption. One can only have a cold glass of lemon tea when it is hot or a hot cup of lemon tea when it is cold.

Once it comes to beverages such as sodas, instead of taking the drink, squeeze fresh lemon juice into a glass of water. Sodas are acknowledged to be high in calories and consequently by using lemon in your water reduce the sugar intake.

How to Use Lemon Tea for Weight Loss Recipes

Plain Lemon Tea

  • Add one cup of water in a vessel and bring the water to boil up.
  • Then after that add one teaspoon of tea leaves in it and also add some powder of tea to the water and let is seethe for about a minute.
  • To the water, add one teaspoon of fresh squeezed lemon juice blend well.
  • Let it cool and serve up while it warm.

Lemon Tea with Honey

  • Boil one cup of water.
  • To the boiling water only, add one teaspoon of honey.
  • Add one tea spoon of squeezed lemon juice and swirl well until the honey is dissolved.
  • Lastly serve it up while hot.

How to effectively Increase weight loss with Lemon Tea

There are so many drinks, that are known and consumed worldwide so as to aid in melting down weight and one of these drinks is lemon tea. Research shows that if you want to attain faster results when it comes to Lemon tea in weight loss, drink the tea early in the morning before you have your meal and before going to bed after your meals. This is because the tea speeds up metabolism in our bodies which in returns burns fat in the body.