How to Get Rid of Itchy Scalp without Washing Hair?


Itchy scalp is natural, but dry scalp, skin ailments and other environmental factors may make it aggressive. While hydrating scalp is a good idea to get rid of itchy scalp without washing. That isn’t enough though.

People often assume that head bath or shampooing hair will reduce itching. It can be soothing, but experts say that chemical ingredients incorporated in these cosmetic products will damage your sensitive scalp.

Regular use of these chemical ingredients will result in flaky, dry and itchy scalp. Limit its use to twice per week.

Instead, use natural remedies to wash your hair.


Because, they are packed with essential nutrients that your skin and hair needs. Apart from this, they don’t include any chemical derived substances.

How to Get Rid of Itchy Scalp without Washing Hair?

The title may strike the question, why shouldn’t I wash my hair?

As mentioned above, repeated washing with shampoo will leave your hair weak, dry and leads to dandruff.

There are several home remedies that can help you to reduce inflammation, remove dandruff and strengthen hair.

Vitamins and minerals penetrate deep into the scalp to improve overall functioning of the hair.

Excellent thing about these natural remedies is that you can blend them with your shampoo.

Coconut Oil

Let’s start with basic and home available ingredient.

I personally apply this natural remedy regularly before going to bed. I also apply small amount over my eyebrows.

Not just moisturizing, coconut oil restrain bacterial and fungal infection. Its antibacterial and anti-fungal ability will help to get rid of ailments including eczema and scalp psoriasis.

  • Warm the coconut oil if it’s in solid form. Wash your hair with water and towel dry hair.
  • Apply the coconut oil before going to sleep or when the hair is still damp.
  • Leave it to dry naturally.

Lemon Juice

Acidic property of this home remedy helps to treat dandruff and avoid bacterial infection.

Antiseptic, healing and antibacterial properties of lemon juice will improve your overall functioning of hair.

If you’ve sensitive skin, blend coconut oil with few drops of lemon juice and apply evenly over the scalp.

Both ingredients helps to balance pH of the skin, hydrate and get rid of dandruff.

Aloe Vera

Aloe gel can reduce itching, hydrate and thwart infectious bacteria.

  • Wash your hair to remove cosmetic materials over the hair.
  • Take fresh aloe gel and apply it over the scalp.
  • Leave for about 20 minutes and rinse it off.

This natural ingredient locks moisturize and reduce scalp inflammation.

Tea Tree Oil

It is one of the most renowned ways to treat dry itchy scalp.

You can mix tea tree oil with shampoo for effective remedy.

Anti-fungal and antibacterial ability of tea tree oil can effectively reduce skin and scalp ailments.

You can blend tea tree oil with coconut oil to dilute it. Strong effect may irritate your sensitive skin.

To get rid of itchy scalp without washing hair you must stop scratching scalp, avoid chemical incorporated cosmetic products and include vitamin rich diet.

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