Signs That Shows You Have Calcium Deficiency And Ways To Overcome It

When you think about calcium, the only thing that comes in your mind is healthy bones and teeth. And this is the only nutrient that found in every part of human body including blood and all cell tissues for healthy functioning.

Calcium also plays major role in muscle functioning, hormones, blood pressure, heart health, body weight and preventing prostate cancer etc.

Calcium deficiency is one of the major problem experiences by many people across the globe, especially among the elderly and postmenopausal women. This is caused due to the lack of calcium in body or it can also be caused by low vitamin E, D and hormone levels in the body.

People often tend to neglect the signs of this condition until it becomes severe. It is important to be aware of the signs to treat the condition in initial stage without neglecting it and to maintain healthy body.

Daily ingestion and proper absorption of calcium is important for maintaining optimal health. You can get enough calcium by eating variety of foods rich in calcium such as dairy products, milk, yogurt, leafy vegetables, fruit juices etc.

We are going to see some warning signs of calcium deficiency that you must be aware of.

Signs Of Calcium Deficiency

1. Weak Bones


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As this mineral is vital for maintaining strong and healthy bones. Insufficient calcium in the body often weakens your bones and increases the chance of osteoporosis and fractures. In long run, it can also impact a person’s stature and overall strength.

This is why, it’s crucial to feed children with calcium rich foods especially when they at growing stage. Even women after menopausal stage should consider taking calcium supplements to prevent bone loss and fractures occurs at that age.

2. Frequent Illness


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Calcium is an essential mineral to maintain healthy immune system to fight against viruses, bacteria, yeast, fungi. It is also considered as important alkaline mineral that increases the oxygen flow in blood.

People with calcium deficiency tend to have weak immune system and they are more likely to suffer from infections like cold and flu.

3. Difficulty In Losing Weight


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According to a study, it has been found that obese people do not consume sufficient and recommended amount of calcium on regular basis. Lack of calcium in your body also makes it difficult to lose weight too.

Another study in 2004 found that dietary calcium plays a major role in regulating energy metabolism that accelerates weight loss whereas low calcium diets attenuate weight and fat gain.

4. Muscles Cramps And Aches


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Muscle ache and cramps is one of the strongest sign that your body is lacking in calcium. Generally lack of calcium causes nerve cells to become extra sensitive that results in sudden muscle cramp and pain.

Moreover, a low calcium level can impair the nervous system which in turns affects the functionality of nerves in your body.

Make sure to reach out to your doctor if you are frequently experiencing muscle cramps and aches on regular basis.

5. Week Teeth


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Calcium is an important constituent of teeth and hence its deficiency can cause delayed and defective tooth formation and other oral problem. This symptom can be mostly seen in children and elderly people.

6. Sleep Problems

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Lack of calcium also leads you to experience numerous sleep problems such as insomnia. Because calcium aids in the production of melatonin, sleep hormone which helps to maintains the body’s sleep wake cycle. This sleep hormone generally increases during night to help you sleep soundly.

When there is lack in calcium, this hormone is completely hampered and reduces your sleep period throughout the day.

7. Numbness And Tingling


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People who lack in calcium often complain about numbness and tingling sensation in their legs, finger tips of hands and near the area of mouth. This occurs because lack of calcium makes nerves and muscle fragile and easily excitable.

Simple Ways To Overcome Calcium Deficiency

Apart from eating calcium rich foods, here are some tips to follow to prevent calcium deficiency.

  • Include foods which are also rich in vitamin D in your regular diet.
  • You can even enjoy early morning sunlight daily to help your body to get vitamin D.
  • Avoid consumption of processed foods and beverages like soda, caffeine which can interrupt the absorption of calcium in your body.
  • You can even opt taking calcium supplements, but only after consulting your doctor.
  • Include foods such as spinach, kale, green beans, whole grains, pumpkin seeds which are good source of magnesium that even helps in increasing the calcium absorption in the body.

Signs that shows you have calcium deficiency and ways to overcome it

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