Detox and Cleanse Your Kidney Naturally At Home with Just One Ingredient

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Kidney plays an important part in getting rid of excess waste and creating hormones and it is located right below the ribs. Therefore, cleaning the kidneys is important because damaged kidneys lead to severe health problems.

Majorities of people believe that cleansing their kidneys naturally is difficult; however, it is not true that one can naturally clean his or her kidneys with just one ingredient and that is water or food containing a high amount of water.

Keeping your body hydrated is the key

Every single organ from the brain to the liver needs water to function properly as an adult human body is composed of almost 60% of water.

Kidneys work as a purification system of the body therefore; kidneys need water to secrete urine. No adequate amount of intake of water leads to low urine output and low urine output leads to the creation of kidney stones.

Here are some foods through which you can keep your body hydrated

Detox and Cleanse Your Kidney Naturally At Home


Grapes are one such juicy fruit that everyone loves to eat. Grapes contain 92% water, which makes it beneficial for the kidney. Eating a handful of grapes in the afternoon, keep your body hydrated even if you consume low to moderate amount of water in a day.

2.Fruit juices

Fruits juices like lemon, orange, and melon contain citric acid, which helps in preventing the formation of kidney stones by joining with calcium in the urine.

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3.Food rich with calcium

Our body produces oxalate through certain food and it should leave our body through urine, however, sometimes it stays in the urine and urinary oxalate can lead to kidney stones. Therefore, it is recommended to add calcium-rich food in your diet as calcium binds with oxalate in order to reduce the immersion of this element.

Keeping every part fit of our body is necessary, whether it is internal or physical as both are important in surviving. Just like every other internal part of the body, taking care of the kidneys is equally important. Therefore, to keep your kidneys fit and healthy you need to cut down or minimize the intake of some food.

Some of the food intake you need to minimize:

  • High-sodium food
  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Artificial sweeteners or sugar
  • Processed food
  • Refined carbohydrates

To live a healthy life one has to make some compromises, however, it is understandable that one cannot completely cut off these substances from their diet, therefore, consult a doctor, and make a health chart to control the consumption of unhealthy food.

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Here are some kidney-friendly foods you can add in your diet:

  • Low-fat dairy products
  • Vegetables
  • Lean meat
  • Apples
  • Brown rice
  • Oatmeal
  • Berries

Many people do not understand the importance of cleanliness of the body and its organs. Just like a shower clean the germs off the skin to prevent illness, cleaning the body organs is also necessary to avoid health issues.

Kidneys are one such body organ that needs cleansing in order to avoid various medical problems. Many beneficial food and teas support our kidney health; therefore, try to add these foods into your diet.

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